KMTC Intake Requirements 2020

These are the KMTC intake requirements in Kenya as of 2020. The Kenya Medical Training College ( KMTC ) is a State Corporation under the Ministry of Health which offers a wide range of courses, from certificate to higher diploma. The institution which is currently the largest medical training institution in East and Central Africa has an estimated student population of 34,000 students pursuing more than 70 medical courses.

KMTC produces an average of  8000 graduates every year for both the Kenyan public and private health sectors which accounts for more than 80 per cent of Kenya’s hospital workforce. Below, we have highlighted the intake requirements one has to meet in order to gain an admission to KMTC.

List Of Courses Offered at KMTC

  1. Clinical Medicine (diploma and higher diploma)
  2. Community Nutrition ( certificate, diploma)
  3. Community Oral Health (diploma)
  4. Dental Technology (diploma)
  5. Environmental Health Sciences ( certificate, diploma and higher diploma)
  6. Health Education and Promotion (diploma and higher diploma)
  7. Health Records and Information (certificate and diploma)
  8. Medical Education (higher diploma)
  9. Medical Engineering (certificate, diploma and higher diploma)
  10. Medical Imaging Sciences (diploma and Higher diploma)
  11. Medical Laboratory Sciences (diploma and higher diploma)
  12. Nursing (certificate, diploma and higher diploma)
  13. Occupational therapy (diploma)
  14. Optometry (diploma)
  15. Orthopedic Technology (Certificate, diploma)
  16. Orthopedic Trauma and Medicine (diploma)
  17. Pharmacy (diploma and higher diploma)
  18. Physiotherapy (diploma, higher diploma)
  19. Health Systems Management (Higher Diploma)

KMTC Intake Requirements 






Level of Training



Entry Requirement



Duration of training






A minimum aggregate of C- with relevant combination of other subjects is a requirement.


2 years with the exception of nursing which takes 2 ½ years






KCSE mean grade of C (or equivalent) with relevant combination of other subjects such as English, Kiswahili, Biology, Biological Sciences, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Physical Sciences.


3 years except Community Health Nursing which lasts 3 ½ years







Holders of a certificate in relevant fields and at least two years working experience.


2 years except Community Health Nursing which lasts 18 Months




Higher Diploma


Holders of basic diploma in relevant fields and at least a minimum of two years working experience.


1 year




Short Courses


Individuals and groups such as corporate bodies, companies and government ministries interested in any course or courses can make a written request for arrangements to be made.


2 weeks – 3 Months


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