Ladies, 5 Things You Should Never Do During A Sleepover Night.

That evening when you visit your Erick in Roysambu to watch Game of Thrones, only to realize that it’s past nine o’clock and wherever you are going isn’t that safe at that time of the night considering your gender,the best option is to stay back and spend the night together. With hope that he is a good friend of yours for a long time, you ought to behave well considering it’s your first time together in the night.

  1. Don’t be tempted to touch.

The devil is a liar; the moment you start touching him, you will not stop and neither will,he, such that before you realize, it’s too late to say sorry.Keep your hands to yourself and imagine that you are all alone in your bed. If you resist the devil, he will free from you, but if you dare entertain him, he will definitely get dirtie.

  1. Extend the sleepover period.

If it was a Friday night, he might lure you to spend some more days with him.He will be like, ” You can stay around till Sunday, my house is big enough.Plus if you go ntaboeka, si you just stay behind please.” Don’t be too easy going.If that’s the case, then you will be forced to cancel your plans for the weekend. How do you even think of spending another day there when you have no clothes to change into?

  1. Being rude.

Mwanaume ni mwanaume tu. Of course you two will not just sleep like logs soaked in rain water. Some chemistry will develop.When he caresses you gently don’t hail him with insults. Be calm, respectful and try to reason him out of such attempts, lest he gets mad and throws you put of the house into the cold rainy night cause your couldn’t tame your tongu.Italilia nani?

  1. Eating too much.

For Pete’s sake, you are just a visitor. In as much as you are hungry and tired, you’ll go back to your house and eat as much as you can. Be reasonable, he had not budgeted for you, and definitely he isn’t going to prepare you sukumawiki and ugali, he will add some beef.Don’t go emptying his stock and making him broke just cause you spend a night there.

  1. Assume anything.

Anything could happen that very night.Your boyfriend might start calling you, his girl might stagger in.He might be tempted to have you forcefully, he might blackmail you. Think and think of the way forward because it’s never healthy to trust people! someone might their backs on you.


Life is be beautiful, time is precious. Make the most out of it.