Ladies : 6 Signs That You Will Not Last With Your Mr Right.

It’s love a beautiful thing? You remember when he said that loved you at first sight and how you blushed away and giggled girlishly.How about the first kiss, his natural smell that crept from nowhere and possessed you every time you thought about him? All that is gone with the wind; dead and forgotten.What you imagine would be a bed of roses has typically turned up to be  a vendetta affair, full of insecurity and disrespect.You don’t need someone to show you the redflags, just observe these;

  1. The one way traffic.

It’s like the relationship is about him and him alone. He expects that you spend three quarters of your time at his place, fully satisfying his manly desires.No free time for you to hang out with your girls or get to make new friends. He even forgets that you came to campus to study and not massage his untamed ego. With time, he will get fed up with your services then kick you out.

2.Hides you in the cupboard.

A good man should definitely introduce you to his buddies, because it’s healthy to know the crew that he hangs out with.So whenever you ask to meet up with his friends, he coys around and comes up with hilarious stories to divert your attention. He might as well lavish you with a bunch of comforting words and excuses.D ear girl, he is trying to cover up something.

  1. He is all deaf.

When you were young in love, he would listen to your opinions and ask for your take on certain issues.But when you try talking him out of alcohol and marijuana and all that he does is give you the-fuck-off-bitch-eyes,you got to think twice. No matter how hard you try to influence him to the right path of life, he is ever ignoring you like you mean nothing to him. Jaber it’s so clear that there is no hope.

  1. The game changer.

You no longer appealing to his eyes. Everything in you is so faulty that he blatantly complains about it. From your small sized booty, the rashes on your face, your clothes your make up, to how you speak. Well he has picked a demeaning attitude from the road and he literally wants to exercise it on you. No matter how much effort you put to please him, he will always dissapoint you.


  1. He is a big fisi.

As a matter of fact men are attracted to physical features, but that’s not the issue. The issue is when a Vera Sidika passes by and he shifts his attention towards that behind and you can read off the though in his mind through his face.Isn’t that mean. When your man gets carried away by other chiques passing by, checking them suggestively then he will leave you to pursue that which he is eyeing.

  1. No compliments.

Even the most stoic  or shy person can notice something and appreciate. Your new hairstyle, your dress code that day, or even a new watch that you bought for yourself. If he cannot notice anything new in you and compliment it, then he is just not into you, neither is he keen. Women love compliments so if he is not complimenting you he is complimenting someone else.

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