Lainisha Sacco Membership Eligibility & Requirements

This article focuses on Lainisha Sacco membership eligibility and requirements. Lainisha Sacco’s journey started in the early 1990s when it used to be the banking section of Mwea Amalgamated Rice Growers Society.

The amalgamation later separated into two; Mwea Rice Growers Multipurpose with production and marketing as its core business and Mwea Rice Farmers Sacco (now Lainisha Sacco).

On 21st January 1993, Mwea Rice Farmers Sacco was established under the Ministry of Co-operative Development and Marketing as an autonomous savings and credit organisation. It mainly drew membership from rice farmers.

Later in November 2014, Mwea Rice Farmers Sacco rebranded to Lainisha Sacco and opened its common bond.

Lainisha Sacco Membership Eligibility

The Sacco accepts membership from individuals of all walks of life and professions including;

  • Civil servants.
  • Youth and women groups.
  • Small scale traders like mama mboga and boda boda.
  • Farmers.
  • Business people.

Lainisha Sacco Membership Requirements

  • Duly filled membership application form which can be downloaded from the Sacco’s website or filled online.
  • Provide original National ID.
  • Passport size photo.
  • Copy of KRA PIN certificate.

Lainisha Sacco Products

Savings Products

  • Ordinary savings account.
  • Junior digital account.
  • Fixed deposit account.
  • Group/ chama account.
  • Business account.
  • Bakisha account.

Loan Products

  • Asset finance loan.
  • Development loan.
  • Salary advance loan.
  • Bakisha plus loan.
  • Farming loan.
  • Transplanting loan.
  • School fees loan.
  • Emergency loan.
  • Medical loan.
  • Bakisha loan.
  • Business loan.
  • Harvesting loan.

Alternative Channels

  • ATM.
  • Agency banking.
  • Internet banking.
  • M-lainisha.

Benefits of Membership

  • Opportunity to build savings.
  • Access to low interest loans.
  • Efficient customer service from qualified and competent staff.
  • Timely support.
  • Fast loan processing.
  • The Sacco provides financial education/ literacy training programs to members.
  • Implementation of alternative banking channels such as internet banking, ATM services, M-lainisha and agency banking.

Lainisha Sacco Contacts

Head Office: Next to KCB Bank, Off Road to Wang’uru Law Courts, Along Embu- Nairobi Highway, Mwea.

Contact: 0705 492 352.

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