Lang’ata Cemetery Grave Charges

This article highlights Lang’ata Cemetery’s grave charges. Lang’ata Cemetery is one of the biggest public cemeteries in Kenya. It is managed by the County Government of Nairobi.

The 120-acre cemetery is located on Lang’ata Road, about 7km west of Nairobi CBD. It is home to more than 1,000 dead bodies and is open to people from all walks of life.

On a daily basis, several people throng the cemetery to give their loved ones a befitting send-off. Most people with no homes in rural areas prefer to bury their loved ones in the cemetery.

Some are forced to bury their loved ones at the cemetery due to financial constraints, as they are unable to cater for expenses to conduct burials in their rural homes.

Lang’ata Cemetery was declared full about 20 years ago. There is no longer space to accommodate more bodies. This has forced some families to bury their loved ones on top of other bodies. Several plans by the government to relocate the cemetery have always hit a snag.

Lang’ata Cemetery Cremation Charges

Due to limited space at the cemetery, Nairobi County Government has been encouraging people to embrace cremation. It costs Kshs 16,500 for adults and Kshs 12,000 for children.

Cremation generally involves reducing the body to its basic element by exposing it to intense heat, open flames and evaporation in a designed furnace (cremation chamber).

Lang’ata Cemetery Grave Costs

The costs vary depending on the type of grave. This includes permanent and temporary graves.

(i). Permanent Graves

Permanent Graves have a lease period of 99 years. At the permanent graves, one can bury his/her loved one on top of another.


  • Adults: Kshs 30,500 – if the person died within Nairobi County
  • If the person died outside Nairobi County: Ksh 40,000
  • Non-citizens: Ksh 50,000
  • Children: Ksh 4,000.
  • Infants: Ksh 2,000.

(ii). Temporary Graves

Temporary graves are shallow ( 4 feet) and can be reused after some time (about 10-15 years).


  • Adults: Kshs 7,000- irrespective of where the person died.
  • Children: Kshs 4,000

Lang’ata Cemetery Permanent Grave Costs
Adults who died within Nairobi County Ksh 30,500
Adults who died outside Nairobi County Ksh 40,000
Foreigners Ksh 50,000
Children Ksh 4,000
Infants Ksh 2,000
Lang’ata Cemetery Temporary Grave Costs
Adults Ksh 7,000
Children Ksh 4,000

How To Make Payment At Lang’ata Cemetery 

Visit the cemetery funeral superintendent’s office located at City Mortuary along Ngong Road.

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