List Of Lawyers And Law Firms Offering Pro Bono Legal Services In Kenya

Pro bono is derived from a Latin phrase Pro bono publico which loosely translates to “For the good of the people” Legally, this term is used when referring to legal services performed for free or at a subsidized fee for the general public good. Pro bono services leverage the skills of legal professionals to help the general public who can’t afford a lawyer like the marginalized communities and underserved populations.

Equal access to justice remains a challenge for many Kenyans, many of who don’t even have access to proper representation in court by a lawyer. The state-funded legal aid is usually too limited and even harder to get it anyway.

Matter of fact, most of the pro-bono services are provided by non-governmental organizations which are only found in large cities and towns. They, however, lack the resources to represent a large number of Kenyans legally and worse still…Kenyans in dire need of legal representation and advice upcountry are not reached out for. Private law firms who offer pro bono services for a very limited time; say two weeks a year or even 2 hours a month and that means that most needy Kenyans are unable to manoeuvre the legal system because they lack the proper legal representation.

Below is a list of pro bono lawyers and law firms which you can call on for legal refuge if you can’t afford to hire a lawyer.

1. Anjarwalla & Khanna


Contact: +254 703 032 000 / +254 20 364 0201

2. Bisman community Lawyers


Contact: +254 718 527 403

3.  Iseme Kamau & Maema (IKM Advocates)


Contact: +254 202 773 000

4. Katwa & Kemboy Advocates


Contact: +254 20 251 759

5. Rachier & Amollo Advocates


Contact: +254 722 204778 / +254 733 616 662

6. Munyao-Kayugira & Co.Advocates


Contact: +254 723 495 054 / +254 737 604 951

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