Legal Requirements For Marriage in Kenya

Are you looking forward to celebrating your marriage in Kenya ? Congratulations! But before you can enjoy your special day, you must meet some legal requirements in accordance with the office of Attorney General.

Below, we have highlighted the requirements for marriage between Kenyans, marriage between a Kenyan and a foreigner, and marriage between foreign nationals in Kenya.

The following documents are required to register for marriage in Kenya.

Marriage Between Kenyans

1.  Copies of identification cards and colored passport size photos (for both parties) and Ksh 600.
NB* this will be for the notice which will run for 21days
2.  After the 21-day notice, if the ceremony is to take place in the:

Registrar’s OfficeYou will be required to pay Ksh 3,300, and then given a marriage date according to the official diary.

Church – you will be required to Pay Ksh 800 after the 21day notice to obtain a Registrar.

A certificate which will be issued seven days thereafter
* Copy Pastor’s License & serial No. of the certificate of marriage to be issued

3.  Where the ceremony shall take place other than a church or Registrar’s Office e.g.
A Garden, hotel etc. a Special License is also needed to License the venue for a wedding even if notice is properly given at a fee of Ksh. 7200.
– Pastor’s License- if it is a church wedding
– Both parties to be present

Marriage Between Kenyans By Special

In the event that you cannot give a notice for 21 days, the following documents will be required.

1. Birth Certificates (Copies & Original)
2. Identification cards or passports (Copies & Original)
3. Prove that there is no impediment to marriage e.g.

– Affidavits
– Death Certificate (In the case of widowed persons)-Copy & original
– Divorce Decree Absolute. (In the case of divorced persons)-Copy & original

4. Colored Passport size photos
5. A documented reason to show (prove that you do not have time to give a 21-day notice.
*Both parties to be present
* Copy Pastor’s License- if the marriage is conducted by a church minister & Serial No.

Marriage Between a Kenyan and a Foreigner 


1. Identification card/valid Kenyan passport(Copies & Original)
2. Colored passport size photo
3. Birth Certificate (Copies & Original)
4. Affidavit.

– Death Certificate (In the case of widowed person) – Copy & original
– Divorce Decree Absolute (In the case of divorce person) – Copy & original


1. Valid passport (Copies & Original)
2. Birth Certificate (Copies & Original)
3. Passport size photo (Coloured)
4. A Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage.

– Death Certificate. (In the case of widowed person)- or
– Divorce Decree Absolute. (In the case of divorce person)- Copy & original

5. Return air ticket/visa/work permit.

*Both parties to be present
*Copy Pastor’s License- for a Church wedding & Serial No. of Certificate

Marriage Between Foreign Nationals in Kenya

1. Valid passports (Copies & Original)
2. Passport size photos (Coloured).
3. Birth certificates (Copies & Original)
4. Certificates of No Impediment to Marriage.

– Death Certificate. (In the case of widowed person) – Copy & original
– Divorce Decree Absolute. (In the case of divorce person) – Copy & original

5. Return air ticket./Visa/Work permit

*Both parties to be present

How to contact the Registrar of Marriages

It is recommended that if one plans to get married in any part of Kenya other than Nairobi that they visit the Registrar of Marriages office in Nairobi for proper guidance.

The Registrar of Marriages offices are also available in major towns in Kenya under the office of the Attorney General.

Physical address: Registrar of Marriages, Office of Attorney General and Department of Justice, Sheria House, Harambee Avenue, Nairobi

Telephone number: +254 020 222 7461/ +254701155955

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