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Best Places To Shop For Children Clothes In Nairobi

by John Nyabuto

The festive season is here and this is the time kids will want all kinds of gifts, from candy, toys and even clothes. Many children clothes outlets in Nairobi are usually overrated in that; they sell low-quality clothes at very high prices or even if they are of good quality, many of these stores exploit their customers in the name of “imported” clothes.

You need to be on the lookout for rogue children clothing lines which want to make abnormal profits this Christmas out of your ignorance.

Today we decided to list for you some of the best places to shop for children clothes within Nairobi at pocket-friendly prices and getting quality clothes for your kids.

1. Allen Baby
Phone: 0704 380138

2. Zuri  Kids Fashions
Phone: 0705 890100
Location: Embakasi

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3. Ella’s Baby Store
Phone: 0723 300436
Location: Muthiga

4. Marion’s Baby Shop
Phone: 0726 013710
Location: Tom Mboya Street

5. Kids Clothes
Phone: 0776 597085

6. Something Random
Phone: 0711 444461
Location: The Stables, Karen Road

7. Bear And Cubs Haven
Phone: 0795 629955

8. Fab Baby Shop
Phone: 0713 220035
Location: Imenti House, Mondlane street.

9. Parents And Baby World
Phone: 0721 246249
Location: CBD

10. The Boy’s Store
Phone: 0737 280570
Location: Adams Arcade

11. Toto’s Store
Phone: 0724 220019
Location: Moi Avenue

12. Little Wonders Baby Shop
Phone: 0720 635675
Location: T-Mall

13. Fancy Kids Wear
Phone:  0713 302913
Location: Imenti House

14. Toto Spot
Phone: 0706 902967
Location: Leader House

15. Smart Baby
Phone: 0721379718 / 0705462736
Email: [email protected]

16. Totos Delight
Phone: 0700 326962
Location: Mbaazi Avenue


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