List Firms Offering The Best Commercial Drone Services In Kenya

This is a list of firms offering the best commercial drone services in Kenya. Kenyans are increasingly embracing drones for both commercial and recreational purposes. A perfect example is the use of drones for high-end events such as weddings and corporate events.

Drones are becoming a major choice for many Kenyans because of their ability to capture some special and extraordinary moments coupled with a cinematic effect when perfectly piloted.

Drones, on the other hand, have very special benefits such as easy setup, manoeuvrability and safety. Despite the tough drone laws and the huge cost of having to buy, insure and register the drones, some few Kenyans have specialized in offering professional commercial drone services and they are reaping big anyway. Hiring drones are as expensive as you think it is.

Below is a list of firms offering the best commercial drone services in Kenya.

1. Drone Six

Done six is a drone organization in Kenya that offers commercial drone services like Aerial mapping, aerial surveying, offering anti-poaching solutions, agricultural aerial surveying, aerial videography and aerial photography; professional security solutions like drone tracking and anti-drone solutions and other services like drone supply and even drone maintenance.


Contact: 0743923386 / 0702450820 / 0733321066

2. Micro Drone 

Microdrone offers commercial aerial photography, videography, mapping and even agricultural aerial survey. Check their Facebook page and see more of their services.


Contact: 0719 552307

3. Drone Kenya 

They majorly do aerial wedding photography, videography and general aerial photography.

Contact: 0719159650

4. Orbital Geospatial Services

Many land surveyors are of late increasingly adding drones to their portfolio of gadgets and instruments. Drones have in the recent past been great tools for reducing the time used for collecting data in the field. Orbital offers professional drone mapping and you can check their website to see exactly what they offer and their rates.


Contact: 0719672296

5. Panarts Digital Media

From aerial wedding photography and videography to event videography and photography and general aerial photography, Panarts Digital Media are just top on their game. With exquisite aerial shots, you know just who you should contact when you need professional commercial drone services. Check their Page for a glimpse of their work.


Contact: 0722509357

6. Drones R us

Drone R us as they refer themselves as, has created a platform where members get professional training on how to fly drones, casual flying, drone racing and everything drones. After the training, successful drone pilots get licences and can pilot drones basically anywhere where there is a no-drone restriction.

Email: /

Contact: +254729000222
7. Finesse Logistics
Finesse logistics offer a wide range of drone services from
Reach out to them through
Other individuals offering the best solo drone piloting services in Kenya are;
Davidian Aerials
Christian Onyando
Berrec – 0720633106
VisualDo Events– 0724133019
Stephano – 0780091319
John Nyabuto

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