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List Of 10 Best Places To Visit In Kitui County

This is a list of top 10 best places to visit in Kitui County. Kitui County covers an area of about 30, 496 square kilometres, with an estimated population of 1,147,200 people. The county is headed by Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu.

In no particular order, here is a list of 10 best places to visit in Kitui County.

1. Nzambani Rock

It is a stone outcrop that is locally known as Ivia ya Nzambani. It is situated about 10 kilometres from Kitui town, along the Kitui-Mutitu road. It is a popular attraction in Kitui due to the myths that surround it. Locals claim that if you go round the rock seven times, your gender automatically changes. It is a perfect destination for hiking adventures and sightseeing.

2. Mwingi Game Reserve

The reserve covers an area of approximately 745 square kilometres. It can be accessed via Thika to Mwingi then north-east through Kyuso village. The reserve is frequently visited by animals from other neighbouring reserves and parks. It is a designated wilderness activity zone that offers amazing opportunities for fly camping, camel and horseback safaris.

3. South Kitui National Reserve

It was established in 1979 and covers an estimated area of 1,833 square kilometers. The reserve is frequented by wild animals that relocate to and from Tsavo National Park. Some of the wild animals that frequent the reserve include lions, elephants, giraffes, leopards and the lesser kudu. It is a hidden game suitable for bird watching adventures, game viewing and camping.

4. Mutomo Hill Plant Sanctuary

It is a botanical garden located about 75 kilometers south of Kitui Town. The sanctuary features over 100 species of indigenous trees and plants believed to have medicinal value. It is a nice place to visit for bird watching adventures, camping, nature walks and picnicking.

Photo by Rupi Mangat

5. Ngomeni Rock

It is a scenic rocky outcrop located in Mwingi. The rock is surrounded by thorny bushes and numerous caves, which you actually need to explore when visiting Mwingi. A large dam is also located near the rock. This is one place you need to visit for hiking adventures and sightseeing of Mwingi Town and its environs.

6. Ikoo Valley

The scenic V-shaped valley is located in  Migwani, Mwingi West sub-county. It offers a vantage point for photographic opportunities of undulating hills and beautiful sceneries in Kitui County and beyond.

7. Muumoni Hills

It is a wonderful hiking and birding destination located in Mwingi North. The hill is surrounded by thorny bushes and forests which are breeding grounds for different types of snakes and porcupines. You can also explore the gigantic cave located within the hills.

Photos by Rupi Mangat

8. Mutito Hills

It is an important birding and hiking destination in Kitui. Over 100  species of birds can be spotted within the hills.

Photos by Rupi Mangat


A dam at Mutito Hills

Photo by Rupi Mangat

9. Kaningo Campsite

The campsite is located in Mwingi North sub-county. It was established to host visiting tourists in Kitui County. Game rangers are located within the campsite to enhance security and ensure visiting tourists have a comfortable stay.

10. Mutha Hills

It is also a hiking and birding destination located in Kitui south. Different species of birds can be spotted within the hills covered by forests and thorny bushes

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