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List Of 10 Best Places To Visit In West Pokot County

This is a list of top 10 best places to visit in West Pokot County. It is situated in the north rift, along Kenya’s western boundary with Uganda border. It covers an area of 9,169.4 square kilometers, with an estimated population of 631,231 people. Its capital and largest town is Kapenguria. The county is headed by Governor John Lonyangapuo.

In no particular order, here is a list of 10 best places to visit in West Pokot County.

1. Nasolot Game Reserve

It is actually one of the unexploited sites in West Pokot due to its remote location. It is a nice destination for camping, nature walks, fishing, bird watching and game viewing of wildlife such as hyenas, jackals, monkeys, bushbucks, lesser kudu, baboons, gazelles, and waterbucks.

2. Kapenguria Museum

It was opened in 1993 to preserve the history of the struggle for Kenya’s independence. It is where the six most influential leaders in the struggle for independence were detained. The six leaders were Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, Kungu Karumba, Fred Kubai, Paul Ngei, Bildad Kaggia, and Achieng Oneko. The museum features displays of books and documents in a memorial library in honor of the heroes who fought for the independence of Kenya.

3. Mount Mtelo

It is situated in the northwest highlands of  West Pokot County. It is the fifth highest mountain in Kenya, with an elevation of 3,336 meters. It is ideal for camping, bird watching, and hiking adventures.

4. Cherangani Hills

The hills traverse West Pokot, Elgeyo Marakwet and Trans Nzoia counties. The eco-system features beautiful subtropical indigenous forests with diverse wildlife and bird species, magical caves and hiking sites.

5. Turkwel Dam

It is an arch dam on River Turkwel that flows from Mount Elgon. It is Kenya’s tallest dam with a height of 153 meters. It supports the Turkwel hydro-electric power plant with an installed electric capacity of 106 megawatts. You can visit the place to have an overview of how hydro-electric power is generated.

6. Nasolot Hill

It is a rocky outcrop at the periphery of the Nasolot Game Reserve. It is an ideal site for rock climbing adventures, bird watching, and sightseeing of the beautiful sceneries of West Pokot County and beyond.

7. Tartar Falls

The magnificent waterfall is located in Kapenguria. It is surrounded by scenic rocks and beautiful vegetation that provides a habitat for different species of birds, thus making it a haven for birdwatching adventures.

8. Marich Pass

It is a beautiful escarpment located approximately 360 kilometers northwest of Nairobi, on the way towards the west of Lake Turkana. However, the place is rarely visited due to security concerns.

9. Tartar Falls Resort

It is an elegant resort located in Kapenguria, just next to the Tartar falls. It offers affordable accommodation, sumptuous meals, and opportunities for nature walks, hiking, and birdwatching adventures.

10. Kopoch Hills

The hills also offer perfect opportunities for hiking adventures, bird watching and sightseeing of the beautiful sceneries in West Pokot County.

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