List Of 10 Best Private Hospitals In Garissa County

This is a list of best private hospitals in Garissa County. Garissa is one of the counties in the former North Eastern Province, covering an approximate area of 45, 720 square kilometres. The county’s population consists of 623, 060 people. Its capital and largest town is Garissa.

In no particular order, here is a list of 10 best private hospitals in Garissa County.

1. Alliance Medical Hospital

It prides in having modern facilities to conduct complex medical tests and to offer effective medical treatment. It offers services such as gynaecology, internal medicine, orthopaedics, cardiology, urology, dental clinic and MRI.

Location: Mabruk House, Junction of Miraa Road & Posta Road

Contacts: 0787 727 152

2. Ankara Medical Centre

It offers specialised and comprehensive laboratory services, dermatology, chest treatment and general medical consultations.

Location: Garissa Town

Contacts: 0701 700 744

3. Garissa Medical Centre

Location: Garissa Town

Contacts: +254 046 210 3481

4. Bliss Medical Centre Garissa

It offers laboratory services, pharmacy, ultrasound, optical, dialysis, CT Scan, dental and X-ray services.

Location: Off KMTC, Garissa Town

Contacts: +254 780 100 070

5. Tawheed Community Nursing Home

Location: Garissa Town

Contacts: 0729 632 968

6. Garissa Nursing Home

It is a leading private healthcare provider engaged in providing quality and affordable medical and general consultancy and treatment services.

Location: Garissa Town

Contacts: 0720 267 742

7. Northgate Nursing Home

Location: Near Garissa Town

Contacts: 0720 200 045

8. Garissa Mother & Child Care Nursing Home

Location: Warberi, Garissa Ndogo

Contacts: 0720 900 553

9. Excel Health Services

It offers laboratory services, pharmacy, general medical consultations, antenatal and maternity services.

Location: Garissa Ndogo, Maalim Aden Road

Contacts: +254 705 669 753

10. Sisters Maternity Home

Location: Garissa Town

Contacts: 046 210 2123

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