List Of 10 Best Private Hospitals In Kericho County

This is a list of best private hospitals in Kericho County. The county prides in hosting several top private hospitals which offer various services and programs such as; pharmaceutical services, radiology, diagnostic services, ENT, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology.

In no particular order, here is a list of 10 best private hospitals in Kericho County.

1. Siloam Hospital

It is one of the best private hospitals in Kericho County. It offers quality, affordable services and also accepts NHIF and insurance medical cards.

Location: Along Kericho-Kisumu Highway, Kericho Town

Contacts: +254 052 21200

2. Kipchimchim Mission Hospital

It offers general in-patient and out-patient services. It accepts NHIF and cash mode of payment.

Location: Ainamoi

3. Kericho Nursing Home

It offers antenatal services, family planning, immunization, radiology, curative in-patient and out-patient services.

Location: Hospital Road, Kericho Town

Contacts: +254 203 0023

4. AIC Litein Hospital

The hospital is owned by the African Inland Church. It offers general out-patient and in-patient services.

Location: ALong the Kericho-Kisii-Sotik Highway, Litein

Contacts: 0726 126 367

5. St Leonards Hospital

It is fully licensed to provide clinical services.

Location: Nyagacho Estate, 1 kilometre from Kericho Town

Contacts: 0722 770 667/ 0737 859 402

6. Greenview Nursing Home

It offers general curative in-patient and out-patient services.

Location: Kericho Town

7. Bliss Kericho Medical Centre

It offers laboratory services, doctors consultation, pharmacy, laboratory, ultrasound, optical and dental services.

Location: Greenspan Square Mall

Contacts: +254 780 100 929

8. Kericho Women’s Clinic

Location: Bethany Building, Kericho Town

Contacts: 0790 816 200

9. Roret Medical Clinic

It offers curative out-patient and family planning medical services.

Location: Bureti

10. Elephant Dental Clinic

It mainly offers high quality and affordable dental services.

Location: Greensquare Mall, 1st Floor

Contacts: +254 721 155 380

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