List Of 10 Best Private Hospitals In Migori County

This is a list of best private hospitals in Migori County. Migori is a cosmopolitan county that covers an area of approximately 2,596.5 square kilometres. It is headed by Governor Okoth Obado.

In no particular order, here is a list of 10 best private hospitals in Migori County.

1. St Joseph’s Mission Hospital

It is a multi-speciality and modern hospital that offers laboratory services, maternal care, X-ray, physiotherapy, pharmacy, eye clinic, dental clinic, ambulance services and surgical operations.

Location: Suna

Contacts: +254 722 454 556

2. Ojele Memorial Hospital

It offers both inpatient and outpatient medical services, laboratory examinations, physiotherapy, X-ray, antenatal care and pharmacy.

Location: Suna

Contacts: +254 059 20458

3. St Camillus Mission Hospital

It provides quality medical care in areas such as laboratory, pharmacy, antenatal care, physiotherapy, X-ray services, vaccinations and general medical consultations.

Location: Karungu

Contacts: 0736 808 080

4. Oruba Nursing &Maternity Home

Location: Migori Town, Next to Oruba Primary School

Contacts: 0721 413 393

5. Bliss Migori Medical Centre

It offers X-ray services, ultrasound, pharmacy, doctors consultation, laboratory examinations and optical care.

Location: Barclays Bank Building, Migori Town

Contacts: +254 780 100 043

6. Royal Hospital

It is one of the best medical facilities in Migori offering maternity services, laboratory diagnostics, ultrasound and radiology, surgeries, dental and ambulance services.

Location: Rongo Town

Contacts: 0709 751 281

7. Rosewood Nursing Home

Location: Rongo

Contacts; +254 722 273 917/ +254 726 614 397

8. St Akidiva Memorial Hospital

It offers general inpatient and outpatient medical services on a 24-hour basis.

Location: Along Migori- Muhuru Road, Suna

Contacts: 0722 255 732

9. Suna Nursing &Maternity Home

Location: Along Miuru Road, Suna

Contacts: 0720 260 096

10. Pastor Machage Memorial Hospital

Location: Migori Town

Contacts: 0715 033 727

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