List Of 10 Best Private Hospitals In Taita Taveta County

This is a list of best private hospitals in Taita Taveta County. The county covers an area of 17,083 square kilometres, with an estimated population of 284,657 people. The county’s major towns include Voi, Wundanyi, Taveta and Mwatate.

In no particular order, here is a list of 10 best private hospitals in Taita Taveta County.

1. Tsavo Comprehensive Hospital

It opened its doors in 2011 mainly to deliver timely and compassionate medical services to its clients. It offers services such as; laboratory examinations, pharmacy, dental care, family planning, immunization, gynaecology, counselling, cancer screening, ultrasound and scanning.

Location: Voi

Contacts: 0722 240 027/ 0722 919 735

2. River Jordan Hospital

It offers both inpatient and outpatient medical services, dental care, ultrasound, x-ray, physiotherapy, family planning, pharmacy, maternity, surgical operations and laboratory examinations.

Location: Opposite Dan Mwazo CDF Hall, Voi

Contacts: 0738 366 341

3. Dawida Maternity & Nursing Home

It offers optical and laboratory services, pharmacy, maternity, family planning, ultrasound, immunization and counselling services.

The hospital has branches in Voi and Wundanyi.

Contacts: 0711 910 361

4. St Lukes Afya Clinic

Location: Wundanyi

Contacts: 0734 144 233

5. Meditech Clinic

It offers basic medical services such as family planning, home-based care, physiotherapy and general medical consultations.

Location: Taveta

Contacts: +254 043 535 2076

6. Horesha Medicare Clinic

Location: Mwatate

Contacts: 0727 103 516

7. Voi Medical Centre

Location: Fariji House, Voi Town

Contacts: 0772 905 756

8. Voi Dental Clinic

It is the best clinic in Voi area that offers quality and affordable specialised dental care.

Location: Voi Town

Contacts: 0722 382 306

9. Clinix Healthcare

Location: Voi Town

Contacts: 0786 412 320

10. Mzedoo Medical Clinic

It provides ultrasound services, x-ray, blood tests, dialysis, pharmacy, laboratory examinations and counselling services.

Location: Voi Town

Contacts: 0713 040 005

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