List Of 10 Expensive Cars Owned By Starehe MP Jaguar in Photos

With no doubt, Starehe MP Charles Kanyi better known to many as Jaguar is one of the richest musicians in the country. When you have that kind of money, you have to spend it on something, and one thing Jaguar loves to spend money on is expensive cars.The politician’s love for Rangerovers, Jaguars and Mercedes Benzes is indisputable, anyway when you have a lot of money such cars become toys.

After combing through his Instagram account and other social media sources, has tracked down expensive cars he’s been photographed with to give you a glimpse into what it’s like to live the life of Jaguar.

1. RangeRover 

2.  Jaguar 

3. Mercedes Benz 


4. Toyota Land-cruiser-Prado

5. Rolls-Royce 

6. Bently 

Victor Matara

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