List of 10 Fastest Growing Economies in Africa 2018

Ethiopia is the fastest growing economy in Africa, according to the World Bank’s latest edition of Global Economic Prospects. The report states that the  8.3 % GDP growth comes from its massive spending on infrastructure. Tanzania comes second with  7.2 GDP growth. Its growth being attributed to gold production and tourism. Tanzania’s economy also runs on telecommunications, banking, energy, and mining, as well as agriculture. Djibouti comes third with a 7 % GDP growth.

Here are ten fastest growing economies in Africa 2018 according to World Bank.


Country GDP Growth
Ethiopia 8.3 %
Tanzania 7.3 %
Djibouti 7.0 %
Ivory Coast 6.8 %
Senegal 6.7 %
Burkina Faso 6.1 %
Ghana 6.1 %
Rwanda 6.0 %
Benin 5.5 %
Kenya 5.5 %


Data courtesy of the World Bank. Check out the full report here.

Victor Matara

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