List of 5 Billionaires who Control the Kenyan Politics

In the era of unlimited donations to political parties to fund August 8 elections, billionaires are becoming inextricably linked to the day’s political story in Kenya.

Today, we’re debuting our list of the 5 most influential billionaires in politics in Kenyan politics. These men are all playing big or threatening to play big in the 2017 campaign, with major assists from their pocketbooks. With one cheque, they’re able to lift a candidate or cause they support — or potentially damage one they oppose.

Without further ado, here are the 5 most influential billionaires in Kenyan politics!

1.  Jimmy Wanjigi 

He is a city multibillionaire whose influence in the security sector, military, parastatals, Parliament, mainline civil service and the media is indisputable.  Jimmy who keeps a low public profile was very instrumental in the bringing together of President Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto to run for the 2013 general elections. He is said to be currently funding NASA.

2. S.K Macharia

He is a media mogul who owns Royal Media services which is the home to Kenya’s most listened radio stations and television stations. He bankrolled CORD’s campaigns back in 2013.

3. Narendra Raval Guru

The little known billionaire  who has been named severally in the list of richest people in Kenya by Forbes was very instrumental in a deal that saw Kalonzo Musyoka become the vice president of Kenya back in 2008.

4.Peter Munga and James Mwangi

They control one of the largest bank in Kenya ; Equity bank . Their influence in the Kenyan economy and political stability can’t be ignored.

5. Chris Kirubi

He is by far the most famous Kenyan billionaire. His influence in the country’s economic and political policies remains to be a very top secret. He was once named to be very instrumental in Kalonzo Musyoka’s support for the retired president Mwai Kibaki ‘s re-election bid in 2007.

Victor Matara

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