List Of 8 Affordable Foods That Can Help You Lose Weight

This is a list of 8 foods that can help you lose weight. Losing weight journey is not an easy practice for many Kenyans. Most either do not afford the gym or can hardly be consistent  due to unfavorable schedules. However there are other easy ways to cut weight and it actually involves eating. Here are ten cheap foods that can help you lose weight.

1.Leafy greens (Sukuma wiki, Spinach etc)
Leafy greens are the perfect way to go as they are low in calories and carbs. This makes it easy for you to lose weight but only if you include them in your diet consistently. The same greens are high in vitamins such as minerals and are equally proven to burn down fats. In any case, you need a low budget to maintain such a diet.

2.Boiled Potatoes
Potato intake is one of the healthiest ways to take. This is because not only are the potatoes rich in potassium and many other nutrition ranges. Intake of boiled potatoes enables you to discipline your eating habits. This is because of its high satiety levels enabling you to not have cravings during the day.

It is proven that eating foods with high protein levels help in cutting weight. Intake of eggs for breakfast can, therefore, help in losing weight. This is because eggs make one have the feeling of satisfaction; thus not have the urge to eat more during the day. You, therefore, may need to include eggs in your diet in the coming days.

4.Beans and Legumes
Beans and legumes that are equally rich in proteins are an ideal choice of foods. The contained levels of starch within the foods equally lead to satiety and enables food intake discipline. The likes of rice & beans and githeri could probably be your healthy friend after all.
Foods that haste weight lose are those that contain water. Why not then add water to your foods instead and create a soup. Soups can be in wide varieties from vegetable soups to potato soups. This will help in decreasing calories however just be careful on the amount of oil in the soup as this may lead to an increase of calories.

Avocado is one of the most loved and taken fruit around Nairobi probably Kenya in general. Therefore this will be good news to anyone hoping to lose weight. The fruit is endowed with a lot of water and fibre making it a non-weight gain fruit. You may want to keep eating avocado for an easy weight-loss journey.

Studies show that nuts despite being high in fats are actually not as fattening as one could assume. The snacks contain a balanced amount of healthy fats and proteins which as pointed above aid in weight loss. Intake of nuts also helps in keeping one healthy and lean in body weight.

8.Coconut Oil
It is used for many things including getting rid of eye bags, growing eyelashes and smoothening skin. Coconut oil has equally been proven to aid in weight loss if added to the diet but not excessively. This is because coconut oil increases satiety causing less demand for foods. In addition, it is proven that its intake equally leads to loss of belly fat. Alternatively, it would be advisable to substitute your normal cooking oil with coconut oil.

Keeping healthy and fit can be very expensive. However, you can save more by investing in the cheap foods above but also add in home cardio workouts for immediate results.


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