List of Absa Life Assurance Kenya Products

This is a list of all products offered by Absa Life Assurance in Kenya. Absa Life Assurance, formerly Barclays Life Assurance, is one of the 56 licensed insurance companies in Kenya by the Insurance Regulatory Authority. It is a division of Absa Bank Kenya which is a subsidiary of South Africa-based Absa Group Limited.

Their products include life and family, car and home, medical, business, travel, and payment card Insurance.

My life and family Insurance 

1. Personal Accident

This policy ensures that you and your loved ones do not suffer in case you are involved in an accident. It covers death, permanent disability, temporary loss of income due to disablement, and medical expenses arising from an accident.

2. Family protection funeral cover

This policy ensures you get a decent farewell in the event of death. Funeral costs and day-to-day living expenses are covered. The policy also pays out a lump sum to your selected beneficiaries in the event of death. You get to choose the family members and level of cover you wish to include in the funeral policy – ranging from Ksh 50,000 to Ksh 500,000.

You can add up to a maximum of 5 children as beneficiaries. Your children’s cover will continue past the age of 21. You must be younger than 84 years to apply for this cover.

3.Education Policy

This policy ensures that your children’s education is covered should anything happen to you. The sum assured is between Ksh 100 000 and Ksh 5 million.

4. Credit life insurance

This policy eases the burden of your loans, credit card bills, as well as vehicle and asset financing instalments in the event you are unable to fulfil your obligations.

My Car and Home

1. Care Insurance 

This policy provides protection against loss of and damage to all types of vehicles. It can be a comprehensive cover, Third-party, fire, and theft, or Third-party. 

  • Comprehensive cover – It provides cover in the event the car gets damaged due to an accident, storm, hail, floods, or fire. It also covers theft and attempted theft, damage to another person’s property, and liability to a third party caused by an accident. This is is the highest level of cover a person can have if they take out motor insurance
  • Third-party, fire, and theft – It only covers damage caused by fire, theft, and attempted theft or liability as a result of damage to a third party’s property caused by accident.


  • Third-party – It covers damage to others’ property by your car.

They also offer the following optional covers for your car.

  • Entertainment system
  • Windscreen, AA membership, IMFAMA, Maisha AMREF, courtesy car
  • Medical expenses

2. Domestic package

This policy insures your house against the unforeseen events in life. It covers theft or attempted theft, malicious damage, fire or explosion, acts of nature, the impact from vehicles, falling trees, or aircraft,  Overflowing geysers or burst pipes, possessions you carry with you, policy extensions, and liability to other people (including domestic employees). It can be extended to cover additional expenses for alternative accommodation and loss of rent.

Medical Insurance 

It will cover you while in hospital and out of the hospital.  It provides cover for the services listed below.

1. In-patient treatments

  • Consultation fees directly leading to hospitalization
  • Evacuation costs directly leading to hospitalization
  • Costs for hospital accommodation
  • Theatre charges and the costs of surgical appliances and toiletries
  • Doctors’ fees (physicians, surgeons, anaesthetists)
  • Medical investigations and pathology i.e. X-rays, scans, laboratory tests, etc.
  • Day-care surgery
  • Prescribed medications and dressings
  • Radiotherapy and chemotherapy
  • In-hospital physiotherapy
  • Post-hospitalization: out-patient follow-up for accidental and surgical cases for one month after discharge

2. Out-patient treatments

  • Consultation with a general practitioner
  • Consultation with a specialist upon referral by a general practitioner
  • Laboratory investigations and X-rays
  • Prescription medicines
  • Out-patient procedures e.g. dressings
  • Physiotherapists’ fees

The cover also provides other optional benefits such as maternity, dental, and optical.

Business Insurance 

1. Fire and special perils

It protects your business against a variety of potential threats and losses such as bushfire, earthquake, fire and shock, riot and strike, malicious damage, explosion, storm, floods, aircraft and other aerial devices and/or articles dropped air, impact by road vehicles, horses or cattle not belonging to or in control of the insured, bursting or overflowing of water tanks, apparatus or pipes, subterranean fire, Lightning Explosion of boilers or gas used for domestic purposes.

2. Marine insurance

It covers goods and merchandise in transit from one place to another.

3. Business Combined

This policy covers multi-line assets and liabilities. It also gives employees benefits. Its advantages include;

  • One renewal date
  • Single premium
  • Covers all aspects of core business

Travel Insurance

This policy covers all your travel emergencies. This includes a cancelled flight, lost luggage, delayed departures, accidents, illness, loss of documents, accidental injuries, medical expenses, personal liabilities, legal expenses, and all travel emergencies incurred while travelling for business or pleasure.

Payment card insurance

This policy provides cover in the event your Absa card gets stolen.

Absa Life Assurance Kenya Contacts
Phone:+254 20 4209000

Address: 3rd Floor, Acacia Building, Westlands Office Park, Off Waiyaki Way Westlands, Nairobi

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