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List of Accredited Engineering courses in Kenya

by Victor Matara

According to a recent research, only engineering programmes at Dedan Kimathi University, Egerton University, Kenyatta University,Moi University, University of Nairobi and the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) have been accredited.

Below is a listing of accredited engineering programs in Kenya by program. The Accreditation Board ( Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK)accredits undergraduate (bachelor) programs only.


1University of NairobiBSc. – (Civil Engineering)
2University of NairobiBSc. – (Agricultural Engineering)
3University of NairobiBSc. – (Mechanical Engineering)
4University of NairobiBSc. – (Electrical & Electronics Engineering)
5University of NairobiBSc. – (Electrical Engineering)
6Moi UniversityB.Tech. – (Electrical & Communications Engineering)
7Moi UniversityB.Tech. – (Civil & Structural Engineering)
8Moi UniversityB.Tech. – (Textile Engineering)
9Moi UniversityB.Tech. – (Chemical & Process Engineering)
10Moi UniversityB.Tech. – (Production Engineering)
11Moi UniversityB.Tech. – (Mechanical & Production Engineering)
12Moi UniversityB.Eng. – (Mechanical & Production Engineering)
13Moi UniversityB.Eng. – (Mechanical & Production Engineering)
14Moi UniversityB.Eng. – (Civil & Structural Engineering)
15Moi UniversityB.Eng. – (Electrical & Telecommunications Engineering)
16Moi UniversityB.Eng. – (Electrical & Electronics Engineering)
17Moi UniversityB.Eng. – (Industrial & Textile Engineering)
18Moi UniversityB.Eng. – (Agricultural & Bio systems Engineering)
19JKUATBSc. – (Mechanical Engineering)
20JKUATBSc. – (Agricultural Engineering)
21JKUATBSc. – (Civil Engineering)
22JKUATBSc. – (Electrical & Electronics Engineering)
23JKUATBSc. – (Mechatronic Engineering)
24JKUATBSc. – (Agricultural & Bio systems Engineering)
25Egerton UniversityBSc. – (Agricultural Engineering)
26Dedan Kimathi University of TechnologyBSc. – (Mechanical Engineering)
27Dedan Kimathi University of TechnologyBSc. – (Mechatronic Engineering)
28Dedan Kimathi University of TechnologyBSc . – (Civil Engineering)
29Dedan Kimathi University of TechnologyBSc. – (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)
30Kenyatta UniversityBSc. -(Mechanical Engineering)
31Kenyatta UniversityBSc. -(Civil Engineering)
32Kenyatta UniversityBSc. -(Electrical Engineering) 
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