List Of Adoption Agencies In Kenya

This is a list of adoption agencies in Kenya. Adoption agencies basically act as a link between prospective adoptive parents and children to be adopted. The agencies offer legal advice and general guidance on the process of adoption in Kenya.

Here is a list of adoption agencies in Kenya.

1. KKPI Adoption Society

It is a non-governmental organisation that was registered as an adoption society in 2007. Its main objective is to encourage society to embrace adoption as a way of establishing families and to ensure that society gives support to individuals willing to adopt.

Contact: 0725 475 208.


2. Buckner

Buckner is the leading adoption agency in Kenya that is christ-centered. The agency delivers redemptive ministry to the most vulnerable from the beginning to the ending of life.

3. Kenya Children’s Homes Adoption Society

It is one of the registered agencies in Kenya, to conduct both local and international adoptions. It strives to place children into well-screened and suitable homes while also keeping within the echos of society and adhering to the best practices.


4. Hope House Babies

Hope House Babies exists for the purpose of providing a safe haven for abandoned babies who are offered for adoption.

Contacts: 0721 437 994, 0720 009 716.


5. Little Angels Network

Little Angels Network is fully committed to ensuring tender and secure care for vulnerable children through adoption, kinship, foster care, mediation, family preservation and strengthening. The organisation believes in the power and beauty of family as a sanctuary and fortress for children.

Contacts: 0786 941 326, 0790 894 669.


6. New Life Home Trust

New Life Home Trust was founded in 1994 to provide a compassionate Christian response to the plight of abandoned and other extremely vulnerable babies, with a priority given to those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. The trust exists to rescue, care and place abandoned children in Kenya.

Contact: 0722 406 064.


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