List Of Agricultural Finance Corporation Loan Products

This is a list of Agricultural Finance Corporation (AFC) loan products. AFC is a Development Finance Institution that is wholly owned by the Government of Kenya. It was established in 1963 as a subsidiary of the then Land and Agricultural Bank.

It was later incorporated as a full-fledged financial institution in 1969 under the AFC Act (Cap 323 of the Laws of Kenya). It has over the years grown to become the leading government credit institution, mandated to provide credit particularly for the sole purpose of developing agriculture.

Here is a list of loan products offered by the Agricultural Finance Corporation.

1. Machinery

AFC offers this loan for the purchase of farm machinery which facilitate production and transportation of farm produce.


  • It is designed for individuals and groups
  • Repayment period is 2-5 years with annual installment

Items financed

  • Farm machinery and implements
  • Pick up and truck for transport of farm produce


  • Provide a written quotation from reputable suppliers
  • Machinery/vehicle to be registered jointly with the corporation
  • Machinery to be insured with comprehensive insurance cover
  • Minimum deposit of 30% of net purchase price for new machinery and 50% deposit for reconditioned machinery

2. Agribusiness

This loan product is designed to benefit agribusiness traders,particularly to provide start up capital for those seeking to start or are engaged in agricultural micro-enterprises.


  • Designed for individuals and groups
  • Repayment Period of up to 3 years
  • Interest rate is 10% per annum

Items financed

  • Traders, transporters, marketers and processors of farm produce


  • Viability of the business
  • Tangible security for the loan
  • 20% equity contribution towards the project

3. Livestock and Fisheries Development

These are loans meant for livestock and fisheries production.


  • Repayment period of 2-5 years at annual installments
  • Designed for individuals and groups

Items financed

  • Dairy and beef production
  • Sheep and goat production
  • Bee keeping
  • Piggery and poultry product
  • Working capital
  • Fish production

4. Cash Crop

AFC offers this credit facility for cash production of tea, coffee, sugarcane, pyrethrum, cashew nuts, citrus, mango trees, bananas, stevia and any other cash crops.


  • Repayment of 2-5 years with annual installments
  • Designed for individual and groups

Items financed

  • Crop establishment, crop maintenance
  • Processing equipment, operating costs


  • Tangible security for the loan
  • Appropriate and approved crop varieties
  • Availability of processing facilities within reasonable distances

5. Horticulture & Floriculture Development Loan

These are loans to finance horticulture and floricultural projects.


  • Repayment period of 2-5 years with annual installments
  • Designed for individual and groups

Items financed

  • Fruits, vegetables and flowers
  • Greenhouses and related equipment
  • Water and electricity supply systems
  • Harvesting and packaging equipment
  • Labour and other operational costs
  • Working capital


  • Relevant experience in floriculture and horticulture
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Adequate water supply

6. Water Development Loan

These are loans intended for water infrastructure for irrigation and livestock use.


  • Availability of suitable and adequate water catchment
  • Provision of water permits by the necessary water authorities
  • Water test certificate for quality and quantity in case of bore hole

Items financed

  • Water tanks, shallow wells and boreholes
  • Pumps, pipes and connections
  • Irrigation equipment, farm dams
  • Labor, transportation related to installments


  • Suitability of the crop
  • Tangible security for the loan
  • Minimum acreage financed is 5 acres for maize and wheat only

7. Seasonal Crop Credit

These are loans provided for the production of maize, wheat, potatoes, rice and other food crops that have a maturity of not more than 12 months.


  • Repayment period of up to 12 months
  • Designed for individuals and groups

Items financed

  • Production cost
  • Harvest cost


  • Suitability of the crop
  • Tangible security for the loan
  • Minimum acreage is 5 acres for maize and wheat only

8. School Based Loan

These are loans to primary, secondary and tertiary institutions to undertake school farming. The main aim of the loan is to subsidize the cost of school feeding.


  • Repayment period between 1-5 years
  • Affordable interest rates
  • Flexible security

Items financed

  • Crop and livestock production
  • Farm machinery and infrastructure
  • Agribusiness
  • Horticulture


  • Proposal for intended project
  • Open a vuna relationship account with AFC
  • adequate land size for the intended project

9. Agricultural Finance Corporation and Feed the Future Kenya Crops and Dairy Market Systems Activity Co-financing mechanism

It is a five year (0ctober 2017- September 2022) program of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). It is funded as part of feed the future and the US government’s global hunger and food security initiative that helps to increase agricultural production and to reduce malnutrition and poverty in Kenya.

List Of Agricultural Finance Corporation Branches

1. Agricultural Finance Corporation Head office

Location: Development House, 7th Floor, Moi Avenue, Nairobi

Contacts: 020-3317199,0788 524 998, 0704 153 773

2. Agricultural Finance Corporation Nyeri Branch

Location: Bondeni Rd, Nyeri Town

Contact: +254771 281498

3. Agricultural Finance Corporation Chogoria Branch

Location: Meru- Kaveche Rd

Contact: +254770-012356

4. Agricultural Finance Corporation Thika Branch

Location: Karanja Street, Thika Town

Contact: +254 733 865181

5. Agricultural Finance Corporation Karatina Branch

Location: Industrial Area Rd

Contact: 061- 4572008, 061-2302254

6. Agricultural Finance Corporation Murang’a Branch

Location: Huru Highway

Contact: 020-2316799, +254 721 949749

7. Agricultural Finance Corporation Nanyuki Branch

Location: Bidhaa Bora Rd

Contact: 051-8010937

8. Agricultural Finance Corporation Kerugoya Branch

Location: Kirinyaga Building Rd

Contacts: 0770-354963, 0774-354963

9. Agricultural Finance Corporation Meru Branch

Location: Meru-Makutano Rd

Contact: 0720-978382

10. Agricultural Finance Corporation Nyahururu Branch

Location: Nyeri-Nyahururu Rd

Contacts: 06532223, 0202023856

11. Agricultural Finance Corporation Embu Branch

Location: Embu RD K.F.A Building

Contact: 0703125304

12. Agricultural Finance Corporation Eldoret Branch

Location: Eldoret-Unga Road

Contact: 053-2061432

13. Agricultural Finance Corporation Kitale Branch

Location: Makasembo Rd


14. Agricultural Finance Corporation Kapsabet Branch

Location: Opposite Post Office

Contact: 020-2320309

15. Agricultural Finance Corporation Turbo Branch

Location: Uganda Rd

Contact: +254-711-444149

16. Agricultural Finance Corporation Ziwa Branch

Location: Sirikwa Center

Contact: +254-712-353974

17. Agricultural Finance Corporation Iten Branch

Location: Off Iten-Kapsowar Street

Contacts: +254-773-568265,+254-772-958248

18. Agricultural Finance Corporation Nakuru Branch

Location: Kijabe Road

Contact: +254-711-362775

19. Agricultural Finance Corporation Nakuru Branch

Location: Sotik-Narok Rd

Contact: +254-773-554362

20. Agricultural Finance Corporation Molo Branch

Location: Njoro-Molo Rd

Contact: 020-2172732

21. Agricultural Finance Corporation Naivasha Branch

Location: Kariuki Chotara Rd

Contact: 050-2020463

22. Agricultural Finance Corporation Kericho Branch

Location: Temple Rd

Contact: +254-775-798906

23. Agricultural Finance Corporation Eldama-Ravine Branch

Location: Maji Mazuri Rd

Contact: +254-774-496380

24. Agricultural Finance Corporation Kabarnet Branch

Location: Kabarnet-Eldoret

Contact: +254-705-659272

25. Agricultural Finance Corporation Narok Branch

Location: Nairobi-Narok Rd

Contact: 0770-567277, 0770-433171

26. Agricultural Finance Corporation Kiambu Branch

Location: Kiambu Rd

Contact: +254-705-318963

27. Agricultural Finance Corporation Wote Branch

Location: Ngei Rd

Contact: 020-2675807

28. Agricultural Finance Corporation Kajiado Branch

Location: Main Town Rd

Contact: +254-729-630066

29. Agricultural Finance Corporation Ngong Branch

Location: Ngong-Kiserian Rd

Contact: +254-723-919321

30. Agricultural Finance Corporation Machakos Branch

Location: Ngei Rd

Contact: 020-2624249

31. Agricultural Finance Corporation Loitokitok Branch

Location: Elassit Rd

Contact: +254-717-628628

32. Agricultural Finance Corporation Kakamega Branch

Location:Elassit Road, Kakamega

Contact: 020-633695

33. Agricultural Finance Corporation Kisii Branch

Location: NCPB House

Contact: 020-8033032

34. Agricultural Finance Corporation Migori Branch

Location: Administration Rd

Contact: 020-2352075

35. Agricultural Finance Corporation Kisumu Branch

Location: Oginga Odinga Rd

Contact: 057 2523944

36. Agricultural Finance Corporation Bondo Branch

Contact: 057-2512452

37. Agricultural Finance Corporation Bungoma Branch

Location: NCPB Depot

Contact: 020-2669796, +254-718867913

38. Agricultural Finance Corporation Kilgoris Branch

Location: Agriculture House


39. Agricultural Finance Corporation Oyugis Branch

Location: Oyugis-Kisii Rd

Contact: 020-2351977, +254-712-781187, +254-727-821440

40. Agricultural Finance Corporation Busia Branch

Contact: Opposite Huduma Center

Location: 0773671773

41. Agricultural Finance Corporation Kilifi Branch

Location: Near KCB

Contact: +254-772-125313

42. Agricultural Finance Corporation Ukunda Branch

Location: Mombasa-Lunga Lunga Rd

Contact: +254-772-561510

43. Agricultural Finance Corporation Bura Branch

Location: National Irrigation Board Offices, Bura- Tana

Contact: +254-717-806016

44. Agricultural Finance Corporation Mpeketoni Branch

Location: Opp.Kenyatta Primary Rd

Contacts: +254-701-867478, +254775-243192

45. Agricultural Finance Corporation Hola Branch

Location : National Irrigation Board Offices , Hola – Tana

Contact: 0717-806016

46. Agricultural Finance Corporation Taita Taveta Branch

Location: Eldoro Village

Contact: 0740571517

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