List Of Agricultural Produce Marketing Companies In Kenya

This is a list of agricultural produce marketing companies in Kenya. The companies play a big role in ensuring that farmers maximise their profits by connecting them to proper markets without the interference of brokers.

Here is a list of agricultural produce marketing companies in Kenya.

1. Apollo Agriculture

Apollo Agriculture is an agri-tech company based in Nairobi that helps small-scale farmers to maximise their profits. The company bundles everything a farmer needs, financing farm inputs, advice and market access when possible.

2. Mkulima Young

Mkulima Young is an online marketplace for farmers. It connects farmers to markets locally and internationally.

Contact: 0710 848 002.


3. True Trade Africa

It is a social enterprise providing smallholder farmers with a reliable route to market and fair prices for their produce. Its main mission is to increase smallholder farmer income through integrating them into sustainable value chain.

Contact: 0725 850 906.


4. Agribora

Agribora is an agri-fintech balancing the use of technology to de-risk smallholder agriculture systems, improve farm productivity and facilitate effective trading in collaboration with partners in Europe, US and Africa.

Contact: 0768 548 707.


5. Taimba

Taimba is a Nairobi-based agri-tech company that is transforming Africa’s agricultural supply chain between rural smallholder farmers and urban traders. Its value proposition is to create a direct market for smallholder farmers.

Contact: 0709 790 000.


6. Farm To Market Alliance

The company objects to increasing the production and income of smallholder farmers and developing commercial viability by providing adequate information, investment and support at all stages of the process, from seed to market.


7. M-Farm Ltd

M-Farm Ltd provides a platform that allows farmers to engage thousands of buyers directly when their produce is ready.

Contact: 0110 095 865.


8. Farmers Market Kenya

Farmers Market Kenya provides an online marketplace that allows farmers to trade farm-related products and services.

Contacts: 0701 264 770, 0735 107 109.


9. Selina Wamucii

Selina Wamucii is a marketing and offtake partner that will guarantee a market for farm produce while reducing the risk of losses due to lack of market or from fraud when buyers default on payment.


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