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List Of All Accredited Campuses Of Universities in Kenya

by Victor Matara

This is a list of all accredited campuses of all in universities in Kenya. The table below indicates the county where the campus is located and the current accreditation status as per the Commission for University Education of Kenya. The three categories of the status of University Campuses/Constituent Colleges are:
1. Accredited Campuses/Constituent Colleges

Campuses/Constituent Colleges that have been recognized by the Commission as having met the minimum requirements, based on a comprehensive accreditation process.

2. Adopted Campuses/Constituent Colleges

Campuses/Constituent Colleges recognized by the Commission, based on existence in the public universities before the year 2013, resulting from the repealing of individual Public Universities’ Acts and the enactment of the Universities Act, No. 42 of 2012.

3. Campuses/Constituent Colleges Under Review

Campuses/Constituent Colleges declared to the Commission by Chartered Universities for purposes of consideration for accreditation based