List Of All COMESA Countries

This is a list of all COMESA countries. Established in 1994, The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) is a regional economic bloc comprising 21 African member states. COMESA’s main aim is to promote regional integration through trade and the development of natural and human resources for the mutual benefit of all people in the region.

List Of COMESA Objectives

1. Establishing and maintaining a full free trade area that enables the unrestricted movement of goods and services within COMESA, while eliminating tariffs and non-tariff barriers.

2. Creating a customs union under which goods and services imported from non-COMESA countries will attract an agreed single tariff (Common External Tariff) in all COMESA member states.

3. Facilitating the free movement of capital and encouraging investment through the establishment of a common investment area to create a more favourable investment climate for the COMESA region.

4. Gradual establishment of a payment union based on the COMESA Clearing House and the eventual establishment of a common monetary union with a common currency.

5. Gradual relaxation and eventual elimination of visa requirements within the COMESA region.

List Of All COMESA Countries

COMESA Member States
1 Burundi
2 Comoros
3 Democratic Republic of Congo
4 Djibouti
5 Egypt
6 Eritrea
7 Eswatini
8 Ethiopia
9 Kenya
10 Libya
11 Madagascar
12 Malawi
13 Mauritius
14 Rwanda
15 Seychelles
16 Somalia
17 Sudan
18 Tunisia
19 Uganda
20 Zambia
21 Zimbabwe

COMESA Headquarters and Contacts

Location: COMESA Center, Ben Bella Road, Lusaka, Zambia

Phone: +260 211 229725

Email: or

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