List Of All KEBS Marks Of Quality

In this post, we are going to look at different marks of quality that are offered by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS). Marks of quality indicate that a certain product or service meets the requirements associated with that quality mark. These marks help consumers and businesses make the right choices when buying various products or services. The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS)  has four marks of quality which we have highlighted below.

1. Standardization Mark

This is a mandatory product certification scheme for locally manufactured products. To acquire this mark, manufactured goods are expected to meet quality requirements as specified in the various Kenyan Standards. A permit to use a Standardization Mark is issued to a firm to certify that a particular product conforms to requirements in a Standard. Here are the Steps to Acquire Standardization Mark Permit in Kenya. You can also check out all the products certified to have the Standardization Mark in Kenya here.

2. Diamond Mark of Quality

The Diamond Mark of Quality (also referred to as D-Mark) is a product certification scheme awarded to manufacturers (either based locally or abroad) which has demonstrated a high degree of excellence in product manufacturing and quality. D-Mark permit holders thus qualify automatically for the standardization mark (SM) without any additional payments. The permit to use the mark is valid for a period of three years subject to satisfactory quality performance and full compliance with other contractual obligations signed between KEBS and the permit holder. Check out all the products certified to have the Standardization Mark in Kenya here

3. Import Standardization Mark of Quality

This mark of quality was implemented on 1st August 2015 to deal with rampant faking of KEBS Quality Marks. This mark which comes in stickers has a Track and Trace software. All the imported products intended for sale in the local market are required to purchase the Import Standardization Mark (ISM) stickers directly from KEBS.  Importers are required to apply for ISM  mark of quality by submitting Copies of Certificate of Conformity, Import Declaration Form and Customs Entry to KEBS.

4. Fortification Mark of Quality

This mark of quality ensures that wheat flour, dry milled maize products, salt, vegetable fats and Oils have vitamins and minerals to prevent micronutrient deficiency as recommended by WHO. An applicant for the food fortification logo must have a valid Standardization Mark or Diamond Mark permit. The price of acquiring this mark is KSh10,000 per product per brand. Check out all the products certified to have the Standardization Mark in Kenya here

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