List Of Areas In Nairobi With The Largest Mall Space

This is a list of areas in Nairobi with the largest mall space. Mall space is roughly estimated by the number of malls in a specific area and basic factors which promote malls development like proximity to roads or good road connectivity.

Kiambu and Limuru Road Area, Mombasa Road, and Eastlands have the largest mall space with a market share of 22.0% and 14.0%  respectively according to a report by Cytonn and Hass Consult. Areas like Kiambu and Limuru have the largest mall space because they have good connectivity to roads and such places serve the middle and high-end suburbs hence making them the most attractive investment places for mall investors.

Other places with large mall space are Mombasa, Thika Road and Eastlands. Have a look at a chart representation of mall space distribution across Nairobi.

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John Nyabuto

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