List Of Licensed Investment Advisors In Kenya

This is a list of licensed investment advisors in Kenya. Investment advisors are generally advisors who assist clients in attaining financial freedom through knowledge of finance, business or economics by educating them on various investment types in terms of their benefits and drawbacks.

Other functions of investment advisors include:

  • Determine the risk tolerance of investments as well as gauging the client’s risk in relation to short or long term goals, age, employment, expenses and even family status.
  • Analyze investment options through research and analysis of market trends in addition to keeping up with the latest financial news in order to provide relevant and accurate advice to clients.
  • Ensure all the financial information records between them and the clients are well stored in terms of audit purposes.
  • Adherence to the regulations and policies regarding investments as well as maintenance of high ethical standards.

The Capital Markets Authority (CMA) is the regulatory body in charge of approving and regulating investment advisors in Kenya.

Below is a list of authorized investment advisers in Kenya

  Licensed Investment Advisors In Kenya
1. Bora Capital Limited
2. Deloitte Financial Advisory Limited
3. Lifestyle Management Limited
4. Faida Investment Bank Limited
5. Price Water house Coopers Associates PwC
6. The Profin Group Limited
7. Liaison Financial Services Limited
8. Ayesfield (Kenya) Limited
9. Ace Financial Advisory Limited
10. Synesis Capital Limited
11. AFG Wealth Kenya Limited
12. Virtual Capital International Limited
13. Riscura Solutions (Kenya) Limited
14. Private Wealth Capital Limited
15. Waanzilishi Capital Limited
16. AKN Investments Limited
17. Salus Wealth Management Limited
18. Vedman Capital Limited


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