List Of Authorized Non Operating Bank Companies In Kenya

Non operating holding company or bank company, in this case, are companies, other than an institution, which has approved control of institution and whose activities are limited to holding investments in the subsidiaries, holding properties used by group members, raising funds to invest in, or to provide support to, subsidiaries, raising funds to conduct its own limited activities, investing funds on behalf of the group, conducting banking activities required for its own limited functions and providing administrative, risk management and financial services to support the efficient operation of the group.

Below is a list of non-operating bank companies authorized in Kenya by the Central Bank and their licensed subsidiaries.

1. Bakki Holdco Limited

Phone: 0709902000


Licenced Subsidiary: Sidian Bank

2. Stanbic Holdings PLC

Phone: 0720363800


Licenced Subsidiary: CfC Stanbic Bank Limited

3. HF Group Limited

Phone: 0722715256/0722708660/073361768


Licenced Subsidiary: HFC Limited

4. Equity Group Holdings Limited 

Phone: +254 7633026000


Licenced Subsidiary: Equity Bank Kenya Limited

5. KCB Group Limited



Licenced Subsidiary: KCB Bank Kenya Limited

6. I&M Holdings Limited

Phone: +254 20 322 1000/ +254 732 100 000


Licenced Subsidiary:  I&M Bank Kenya Limited

6. HF Group Limited

Phone: 0722715256/ 0722708660/ 0733617682


Licenced Subsidiary: HFC Limited

7. NIC Group PLC

Phone: +254 20 2888000


Licenced Subsidiary: NIC Bank Kenya Limited 

8. M Holdings Limited 

Phone: +254 20 21149923


Licenced Subsidiary: M Oriental Bank Limited



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