List Of Benefits and Grants Offered By NSSF

NSSF was established in 1965 through an Act of Parliament Cap 258 of the laws of Kenya. It initially operated as a department of the Ministry of Labour until 1987 when the NSSF Act was amended, transforming the fund into a state corporation under the management of a Board of Trustees. The key mission of NSSF is to provide social security to members through enhanced coverage, efficient registration and collections, prudent fund management, competitive benefits and exemplary governance.

Here is a list of the benefits and grants offered by the National Social Security Fund (NSSF).

1.Age/Retirement Benefit

Members are eligible for this benefit when they reach the age of 55 years, or when they ultimately retire from regular paid employment.

2.Withdrawal Benefit

Members are eligible for this benefit if they are at least 50 years of age and have retired from regular paid employment. A member can opt to apply for this benefit (over the age/retirement benefit) if they retire before attaining the age of 55 years.

3.Survivors Benefit

It is payable to the survivors, dependants or relatives of a deceased member. The dependant relatives who qualify for this benefit include;

  • The husband/wife of the deceased member
  • All children irrespective of age or gender (if the husband/wife of the deceased member is also deceased or if the deceased member was a single parent)
  • The parents of the deceased (if the deceased member was not married and had no children)
  • Sisters/brothers of the deceased (if the deceased was single, had no children and both parents are deceased)
  • The guardian to the children of the deceased member (where both the parents are deceased and all the deceased members’ children are minors)
  • An applicant who has letters of administration (where all dependants are exhausted)

4.Invalidity Benefit

It is paid to members who are certified to be permanently incapable of working because of physical or mental disability. It is also paid to members who are at least 50 years of age and suffer from a partial incapacity of a permanent nature that prevents them from undertaking employment.

5.Funeral Grant

It is payable to a dependant of a deceased member. This dependant must be nominated by the family and must be identified by the local administration. The deceased member must have been a member of the fund who made at least 3 monthly contributions to the National Social Security Fund. The funeral grant is actually money given by NSSF to assist in the burial of a deceased contributor. The amount payable for this grant stands at KES 2500. The grant must actually be paid within three months of a member’s death.

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