List Of Best Agribusiness Consultants In Kenya

This is a list of best agribusiness consultants in Kenya. Agribusiness consultants simply offer solutions to today’s food and environmental challenges, to enhance the commercial viability of agriculture to improve food security.

Here is a list of the best agribusiness consultants in Kenya.

1. Agrivisions Consultants Limited

It is a Kenyan youth-owned agribusiness consulting company that offers complete solutions to food and environmental challenges through market research and analysis, expert agronomic and livestock assistance, organic farming and project monitoring & evaluation.

Contact: 0798 271 099


2. Aloma Consultants

Aloma is the home of the best agribusiness consultants in East Africa, particularly handling agribusiness management, leadership training and team building.

Contacts: +254 723 766 023, +254 772 725 025


3. Tymax Agribusiness Solutions

Tymax is an agribusiness consultancy, capacity building and management firm that offers services such as markets development, enterprise development and market linkage platform.

Contact: +254 708 091 400


4. Crop Masters Ltd

The company offers agribusiness management consultancy services, food safety management, supply chain management, value chain analysis, agronomic and technical support, market linkages, training and mentoring.

Contact: +254 722 779 372


5. Fresh AGriculture Consultancy Limited

It offers agricultural & agribusiness consultancy services, crop protection, quality management, soil sampling &testing and general agricultural consultancy.

Contact: +254 721 352 110, +254 786 852 110


6. Farmtrack Consulting Ltd

Location: Jogoo Road Business Centre, Jogoo Road, Nairobi

Contacts: +254 711 495 522, +254 735 495 522


7. Keystone Agribusiness Consultants

It is an agribusiness consultancy firm that offers coaching and training on agribusiness planning, value chain financing, strategy development and market research.

Contact: +254 753 428 870


8. Kenarava Group Limited

It is an agribusiness consulting company offering integrated agricultural techniques for a healthier and sustainable future.

Contacts: +254 714 355 916, +254 717 153 269


9. Agri Experience Ltd

Location: 76 Kyuna Crescent, Nairobi

Contacts: +254 719 554 154, +254 20 262 6888


10. Performeter Agribusiness

The firm mainly supports dairy investors to start and run profitable dairy enterprises by providing professional advice and consultancy service.

Contact: +254 706 553 905


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