List Of Best Agricultural Training Colleges In Kenya

This is a list of the best agricultural training colleges in Kenya. The list focuses on accredited institutions that offer a wide range of agricultural training programmes aimed at equipping one with the necessary skills and knowledge to blossom in the rich agricultural sector in Kenya.

Here is a list of the best agricultural training colleges in Kenya.

1. Kenya School of Agriculture

It is a tertiary agricultural training college under the State Department of Crops Development and Research in Kenya. It is licensed by TVETA to offer Certificate and Diploma courses in general agriculture, sustainable agriculture and agricultural extension. The school has campuses in Nyeri, Ainabkoi, Nakuru and Thika.

Contact: 020 263 7367.


2. Kenya YMCA College of Agriculture and Technology (KYCAT)

KYCAT is locally and internationally recognised and registered by TVETA to offer Diploma, Certificate, Artisan and short courses in general agriculture, food processing, animal health and production. It admits students in January, May and September.

Location: Along Limuru-Banana Road, Next to Kentmere Club.

Contact: 020 440 7999, 0733 389 999.


3. Baraka Agriculture College

The college offers a variety of agricultural courses designed for farmers, development workers and rural business people. Courses offered touch on areas such as sustainable agriculture, farm management, fisheries, apiculture, beekeeping, dairy cattle management, livestock health management and organic farming.

Location: Molo.

Contact: 0725 777 421.


4. Manor House Agricultural Centre

The centre was established in 1984. It offers training in bio-intensive (organic) agriculture and related disciplines, to help farmers in Kenya to produce higher yields.

Location: Kitale.

Contact: 0722 744 927.

5. Kenya Institute of Organic Farming

The institute exists for the benefit of the public at large by promoting rural development and education in organic agriculture and related marketing services. This includes Certificate and Diploma courses in organic crop production, organic soil fertility maintenance, biomedicine, organic crop protection, livestock husbandry, animal feed and nutrition.

Location: Juja.

Contact: 0720 604 820, 0715 098 810.

6. Animal Health and Industry Training Institute  (AHITI)

AHITI provides training for middle grade technicians and field extension staff in livestock and related disciplines. It offers Diploma and Certificate courses in animal health and production, range management, leather technology and artificial insemination.

Location: Kabete.

Contact: 0769 702 555.

7. Kaguru Agricultural Training Centre

Kaguru ATC majors in residential and non residential training on farming technology backed with demonstrations, field & class training on agricultural production and value addition.

Location: Nkubu Town, Along Embu-Meru Highway.

8. NYS Yatta School of Agriculture

The school is accredited by the Ministry of Education to offer Craft Certificate and Diploma in General Agriculture. Examinable subjects include crop production, animal production, agricultural economics, farm management, soil science, agricultural engineering, home economics and agricultural extension.

9. St Dominic’s Technical & Agricultural Training Institute

The institute offers Diploma and Certificate courses in organic agriculture. By the end of the courses, learners are fully equipped with poultry farming, fishing and vegetable farming skills and knowledge.

Location: Juja.

Contact: 0736 788 379, 0707 526 617.

10. Bukura Agricultural College

It is one of the best middle-level agricultural training colleges in Kenya. The college offers a wide range of agricultural courses such as animal health & production, agriculture & biotechnology, fruit production & processing, agriculture & community development and many more.

Location: Bukura, Along Sigalagala- Butere Road.

Contact: 0706 257 016, 020 350 5479.

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