List Of Best Ambulance Services In Kenya

This is a list of the best ambulance services in Kenya. The list focuses on accessible and responsive ambulance service providers with state-of-the-art ambulances modified for basic and advanced life support.

In no particular order, here is a list of the best ambulance services in Kenya.

1. Critical Care Ambulance Services Limited

Critical Care Ambulance offers 24/7 ambulance and ACLS ambulance services, emergency rescue, fire protection, safety and first aid service across the country.

Hotline Numbers: 0716 400 500, 0728 918 000, 0735 844 904.

2. OCOA Ambulance Service

OCOA Ambulance provides quality and timely pre-hospital medical care and ambulance services, ensuring seriously ill and injured patients are stabilized and thereafter treated as quickly as possible.

Contact: 0758 692 000.


3. Josmori Ambulance

Josmori Ambulance provides timely medical transportation services with empathy and care across all regions of the country.

Contact: 0700 767 664.

4. E-Plus Kenya

E-Plus Kenya is a subsidiary of the Kenya Red Cross Society. They offer professional advanced pre-hospital medical care and ambulance services in Kenya.

Contacts: 0700 395 395, 0738 395 395.


5. Sayyida Fatimah Hospital

Sayyida Fatimah Hospital offers round-the-clock emergency ambulance services with quality emergency care within Mombasa and its environs.

Contact: 0729 410 016.

6. AMREF Flying Doctors

They are the leading providers of fixed-wing air ambulance services in Africa. They also operate several advanced life support ground ambulances and a 24/7 operations and emergency control centre.

Emergency Number: +254 20 699 2299.

7. Ivory Health Solutions

They are principle providers of ground ambulance services in Nairobi County and its environs.

Contacts: 0726 998 880, 0786 998 880.

8. St John Ambulance Kenya

St John Ambulance offers quality emergency medical care and ambulance services in all regions in the country.

Contacts: 0721 225 285, 0721 611 555.

9. AAR Healthcare

AAR Healthcare offers standby ambulance services across the country.

Contacts: 0725 225 225, 0734 225 225.


10. Avenue Rescue Services

Avenue Rescue provides affordable and quality EMTS, first aid, medical taxi and ambulance services to patients. They are equipped to quickly respond to emergency cases within Nairobi and Kisumu.

Contacts: 0711 060 000, 0732 175 000.




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