List Of Best Aquarium Shops In Nairobi

This is a list of the best aquarium shops in Nairobi. There are several aquarium shops in Nairobi that stock a variety of aquariums and accessories, fish products and also offer cleaning and maintenance services for the aquariums. This list will focus on highly rated aquarium shops that offer exceptional services.

In no particular order, here is a list of the best aquarium shops in Nairobi.

1. Nairobi Aquarium Store

Nairobi Aquarium Store is a one-stop shop for all your aquarium accessories, ornamental fish and imported aquariums.

Location: Mai Mahiu Road, 100 metres from T-mall

Contact: 0704 752 777, 0799 276 667.

2. Aquanetic Pet Shop

The shop specialises in making and repair of aquariums, cleaning services of aquariums and supply of aquariums and other fish accessories.

Location: Professor Nelson Awori Centre, 3rd Floor, Ralph Bunche Road.

Contacts: 0727 482 062, 0725 454 572.

3. The Aquarium Haven

The Aquarium Haven is a top aquarium shop that offers imported aquariums, local aquariums, inbuilt aquariums, customised aquariums, maintenance services, fish feeds and accessories, fish variety and accessories.

Location: Along Kiambu Road, Fourway Junction.

Contacts: 0739 090 025, 0722 698 360.

4. Aquapet Ltd

Aquapet is a leading pet specialty retailer that obsesses about delivering good health and happy experiences for pets and the people who love them. They specialise in a variety of pets such as rabbits, hamsters, different types of fresh and saltwater fish. They have branches in Kijabe Street, The Hub Karen, Two Rivers Mall, Westgate Mall, The Junction Mall, Prestige Plaza and Capital Centre.

Contact: 0787 026 945.

5. Smartbrand Aquariums

They offer a range of services such as repair, cleaning and maintaining aquariums. They also sell tropical fish food, filter pumps and aquarium plants.

Contacts: 0717 073 215, 0794 472 007.

6. FishPet & Aquariums Kenya

FishPet and Aquariums brings nature close to you with a wide variety of unique and customised aquariums and outdoor recreational fish ponds.

Location: Kikuyu.

Contact: 0724 111 144, 0718 237 422.

7. Aquacentury

They are dealers in custom made aquariums for offices, homes, hospitals, chemists and hotels. The aquariums are designed according to your specifications.

Contact: 0795 342 194.

Location: Star Mall, 1st Floor, Shop A12, Nairobi CBD.


8. The Royal Pets

The Royal Pets Shop offers the biggest range of fish and fish supplies. It has a huge range of exotic cold water and tropical fish to choose from, all covered by a 14-day guarantee. The shop has everything you need to maintain a healthy environment for your fish, from filters, test kits, water conditioners, solutions for aeration, heating and lighting.

Location: 1st Avenue, Kahawa Sukari.

Contact: 0110064555


9. Aquatech Aquariums

Aquatech Aquariums specialises in aquarium accessories, sales of both local and imported aquariums which are available in different sizes and prices. They do deliveries countrywide.

Location: Hazina Trade Centre, Shop 1.

Contact: 0720 785 400, 0708 320 864.

10. Oceanview Aquariums Kenya

They are specialists in the supply of complete and customised aquariums, water features, fish accessories and landscaping services.

Location: Kamulu Shopping Centre

Contact: 0726 060 782.

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