List Of Best Art Galleries In Nairobi

This is a list of the best art galleries in Nairobi. Art galleries provide space for the exhibition or display of visual art and artistic performances from emerging and established artists. One can buy or see artworks from such places.

Here is a list of the best art galleries to visit in Nairobi.

1. GoDown Arts Centre

Established in 2003, GoDown is one of the leading centres for art and culture in Kenya. It serves as a home, workplace, and meeting place for artists.  The centre has contributed significantly to the growth, recognition and visibility of local artists. It is located in the Industrial area of Nairobi.
Contact: 020 556686

2. Polka Dot Art Gallery

Polka Dot was set up by art lover and curator Lara Ray in 2016 at the Souk shops in Karen. It is home to a varied collection of work from artists all over East Africa. The gallery’s aim is to show interesting, thought-provoking, quality art and bring it into the market.

3. One Off Contemporary Art Gallery

The gallery hosts a selection of the best works in modern East African art. It aims to represent some of the most established artists in Kenya along with associate artists from Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan and Rwanda. It is located off Limuru Road, 16 Rosslyn Lone Tree Estate.

Contact: 0722 521 870.

4. Circle Art

Founded in 2012 and based in Lavington, Circle Art promotes contemporary art from Eastern Africa. Through group and solo exhibitions as well as participation in international art affairs, the gallery has increased visibility for established and emerging artists both internationally and at home.

Contact: 0790 289 991.

5. Red Hill Art Gallery

The Red Hill Art Gallery gives a glimpse of the region’s finest artists, with occasional airings of its own collection. It provides a stunning and wholly appropriate space devoted to passion for African art. It is located off Limuru Road.

Contact: 0700 108 989.

6. Photizo Art Gallery

This is one of the best art galleries in Nairobi, conveniently located at Valley Arcade Shopping Centre, Lavington. It is a space for modern and contemporary African art with a big variety of African art to choose from.

Contact: 0721 323 406.

7. Banana Hill Art Gallery

It is a contemporary African art gallery located in Banana Hill, just west of the Nairobi city centre. It has played a pivotal role in building the contemporary art scene in Kenya by representing a core group of emerging and established artists from East Africa and the continent in general.

Contacts: 0711 756 911, 0733 882 660.

8. Uweza Art Gallery

Uweza Art Gallery is located in Olympic Estate, Kibera. It provides youth artists with space and materials to create and market their own original art which is sold online, at the gallery and through events and exhibitions.

Contact: 0714 371 964.

9. Martbronze Art Gallery

Martbronze is a family business located in Karen. It strives to capture the beauty of Africa’s wildlife in handmade bronze sculptures, in the hope that by doing so the animals will become timeless.

Contact: 0721 762 855.

10. Kioko Mwitiki Art Gallery

The gallery is owned by Kioko Mwitiki, one of Kenya’s renowned pre-eminent sculptures. It is located in Lavington and features a mixed show of paintings, sculpture, macrame and prints of various artists.

Contact: 0746 844 025.

11. The Golden Eagle Gallery

The Golden Eagle is Nairobi’s premier art gallery located in Karen, along Langata South Road. The gallery provides a variety of cultural arts and artistic products to esteemed buyers, as well as encouraging creativity and authenticity of art works. Their art pieces are inspired by nature, innovation, creativity and turning imaginations into reality.

Contact: 0758 958 548.

12. Nairobi Gallery
It is located at the intersection of Kenyatta Avenue and Uhuru Highway. The gallery houses the Murumbi African Heritage Collection and temporary art exhibitions.
Contact: : +254-020- 2216566

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