List Of Best Aviation Schools In Kenya

This is a list of the best aviation schools in Kenya. The list focuses on accredited aviation schools that offer affordable and world-class training that equips one with the necessary skills to successfully navigate through the broad field of aviation.

In no particular order, here is a list of the best aviation schools in Kenya.

1. East African School Of Aviation

East African School of Aviation is the training directorate of Kenya Civil Aviation Authority and an Approved Training Organisation. It has campuses in Embakasi and Wilson Airport. It offers programmes such as aviation safety and security, air navigation services & aircraft maintenance and aviation business management.

Contacts: 0716 164 229, 0788 777 721.


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2. Kenya School Of Flying

It is a professional pilot training school situated at Wilson Airport, with other flight bases at Malindi, Orly Airpark and Ukunda Airstrip. It offers training programmes such as Private pilot license, Commercial pilot’s license, Initial multi-engine/instrument rating and PPL holiday programme.

Contacts: 0722 754 580, 0733 777 582.


3. Flight Training Centre

The school was established in April 2008. It provides flight training in all areas as stipulated under the ATO. This includes ground flight training, instrument rating, multi-engine training, type rating and foreign license conversion.

Location: Wilson Airport, Nairobi.

Contact: 020 257 4015.


4. Ninety Nines Flying School

The school has established a reputation within the East Africa aviation industry for providing high-quality flight training services. It is a dedicated flying training organisation catering for the private, commercial and airline sectors.

Location: Wilson Airport, Nairobi.

Contact: 0728 606 479.


5. Nairobi Flight Training Ltd

It is an affordable and authorised flight training school in Kenya offering affordable PPL, CPL and Multi Engine training programs.

Location: Wilson Airport.

Contacts: 0729 607 737, 020 600 7757.


6. Kenya Aeronautical College

It is an aviation training institute specialising in training aeronautical engineers, flight dispatch, cabin crew, air travel & tours, dangerous goods and many others.

Location: Wilson Airport, Nairobi.

Contacts: 0708 374 257, 0722 990 679.


7. Alpha Aviation Flying School

Alpha Aviation is one of the best aviation schools in Kenya. It provides training for piloting, cabin crew, flight operations and dispatch. It is a one-stop college to launch you in your dream career.

Location: Wilson Airport, Wilson Business Park, Block Foxtrot, 2nd Floor.

Contact: 0701 030 725.


8. Capital Connect Aviation

Capital Connect Aviation was established in order to provide top quality, safe and recognised pilot training in Kenya. It offers flight dispatch courses, private pilot licenses, commercial pilot licenses and aeronautical engineering.

Location: Lengai House, 3rd Floor, Wilson Airport.

Contact: 0721 261 471.


9. Standards Aviation Flying School

It is a professional pilots’ training school located at Wilson Airport. The school is committed to developing personalised flight training that meets and surpasses the needs of every student in a safe, friendly and efficient manner.

Contact: 0706 091 811.

10. Kenya Airways Pride Centre

The school was opened on 26th July 2007 to provide world-class aviation-related training that will support the growth of the aviation industry. It offers flight operations training, ground support equipment training, ground operations, fares & ticketing, dangerous goods regulations and cargo handling.

Contacts: 0734 102 803, 0711 022 803.

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