List Of Best Barbershops In Nairobi

This is a list of the best barbershops in Nairobi. The list focuses on renowned barbershops that offer exceptional services at affordable costs.

Here is a list of the best barbershops in Nairobi.

1. Fresh Cuts Barbers

Fresh Cuts is an award-winning executive barbershop in Nairobi and the brainchild of Fresh Cuts Foundation. It provides the best services, from barbering, manicure, pedicure, facials, massage and many more.

Location: Kindaruma Court, Along Kindaruma Road.

Contact: 0723 345 667.

2. Xquisite Barbershop & Salon

The barbershop comprises of a team of exquisite executive barbers who apply their skills to give you personalised services, covering all ages of clients.

Location: Hilton Arcade, Ground Floor, Mama Ngina Street.

Contact: 0715 891 815.

3. 101 Executive Barbershop & Spa

This is a barbershop that boasts of a modern feel that offers not only great haircuts but also barber massage, facials, manicures, pedicures, different types of body therapy and steam bath in an exquisite serene environment.

Location: KMA Apartment, Upperhill, 1st Floor, Block C.

Contact: 0728 247 589.

4. Lucky Star Executive Barbershop

It is a professional barbershop with experience in truly individualised hair services, that is cuts, colouring and hairdressing.

Location: Superview House, Next to TRM.

Contact: 0713 380 718.

5. Barber Kings Kenya

It is a top-quality barbershop with a real barbershop atmosphere inside. The quality of the services offered is unmatched.

Location: Soin Arcade, Westlands Road.

Contact: 0724 115 325.

6. Baberia Barbershop

Baberia Barbershop is dedicated to providing affordable, unparalleled hair styling and grooming services that are tailored to every client and their lifestyle, in a distinctively unique atmosphere.

Location: Pension Towers, Mezzanine 1st Floor, Loita Street.

Contact: 0770 778 535.

7. States Barbershop & Lounge

It is a world-class barbershop geared toward customer satisfaction through efficiency in the services offered. The barbershop offers quality and tailored haircuts.

Location: Umoja.

Contact: 0757 857 301.

8. Sprouts Kids Salon & Barbershop

It is a fun, adventure-themed kids salon offering the best services to kids. It also caters to adults as well, with hair services, manicures and a barbershop for the adults available too.

Location: Lavington Mall, 4th floor.

Contact: 0713 123 593.

9. Groomyard Barbershop

Groomyard is a premium barbershop that provides professional hair, personal care and grooming services.

Location: Coco Jambo Gardens, Dennis Pritt Road.

Contact: 0759 067 519.

10. Leo Salon Barber Spa Westlands

Location: 11 Parklands Rd, Victoria Plaza, Nairobi

Contact: 0719 140003

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