List Of Best Beekeeping Equipment Dealers In Kenya

This is a list of the best beekeeping equipment dealers in Kenya. The list focuses on renowned dealers who manufacture and supply a wide range of modern beekeeping equipment.

Here is a list of the best beekeeping equipment dealers in Kenya

1. Yatta Beekeepers

Yatta Beekeepers are leading beekeeping equipment dealers in Kenya. Their equipment range from Langstroth hives, KTBH, hive tools, smokers, bee suits, bee feeders, harvesting equipment, honey extractors and honey sieves. They deliver to all towns in Kenya.

Contact: 0740 102 284.


2. Modern Bee Farmers

They are Kenya’s leading beekeeping equipment suppliers dealing with honey extractors, wax presses, bee suits, smokers, bee brush, honey warmers and many more.

Contact: 0743 881 359.


3. The Hive Group

The Hive Group is the leading supplier of modern cutting-edge beekeeping equipment in the African continent.

Contacts: 0706 349 748, 0731 905 263.


4. Apiculture Ventures

Apiculture Ventures are one of the major players in the beekeeping industry in Kenya, selling equipment such as beehives, extractors, honey press, hive products and harvesting tools.

Contacts: 0727 961 219, 0722 582 833.


5. African Beekeepers Ltd

They are leaders in supplying modern beekeeping hives & accessories, apiary, uncapping honey extractors, honey ripeners, honey liquifiers and honey packing materials.

Contacts: 0722 700 226, 020 206 0685.


6. Savannah Honey Limited

The company is Kenya’s leading supplier of beekeeping equipment such as Langstroth beehives, extractors and other harvesting materials.

Contact: 0724 052 975.


7. Bee Farmers Hub

It is an agribusiness company aimed at putting money into your pocket with ease by initiating sustainable end-to-end beekeeping solutions, sale and supply of modern beekeeping equipment.

Contact: 0706 095 075.


8. Bellafam Africa

Bellafam Africa are one of the country’s leading suppliers of beehives, bee stands, hive tools, bee smokers, bee suits and extractors.

Contact: 0706 948 659.

9. Nairobi Beekeeping Equipment

They supply quality beekeeping equipment such as beehives, conical honey filter, honey extractors, smokers, strainers, bee suits and honey products.

Contact: 0733 765 680.

10. Nyukihub Kenya Limited

They sell a variety of beekeeping equipment such as beehives, bee suits, bee smokers, honey extractors and many more.

Contacts: 0748 200 605, 0705 200 605.


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