List Of Best Brand Activation Companies In Kenya

This is a list of the best brand activation companies in Kenya. Brand activation is a form of marketing that creates an emotional connection between an audience and a brand or product. It may take many forms or channels that position your brand right in front of the target audience.

Here is a list of the best brand activation companies in Kenya.

1. Aquila East Africa

Aquila East Africa is an experiential marketing agency in Kenya providing the consumer experience through event production and brand activation.

Contact: 0791 089 673, 0735 491 833.


2. Experiential Marketing Agency

It is a leading sales and marketing company that offers professional brand activation in Kenya for companies and brands that need their products and services deployed to their users and consumers.

Contact: 0740 694 774.


3. Eccentric Marketing

Eccentric Marketing is a fully integrated marketing agency offering robust and creative solutions for brand development from brand strategy, creative design, website to digital and SEO campaigns that drive your brand forward.

Contact: 0745 000 000.


4. Frontier Marketing Ltd

It is a marketing strategy and execution services firm that offers excellence in marketing plans, brand activations, merchandising, branding, roadshows and many more.

Contact: 0721 968 274.


5. Arcrayon

Arcrayon is a fully integrated communication agency offering a range of brand activation services. They do brand activations and marketing through experiential events, promotional marketing and in-store retail marketing, creating a face to face conversation with your customers.

Contact: 020 440 3180.


6. Brisk Marketing

It is a branding and activation agency that comprises of a highly creative team with a rich sales and marketing background. The company specialises in BTL experiential campaigns.

Contact: 0701 247 365.


7. Gap Marketing

Gap Marketing is a leading marketing agency providing professional services in the area of field marketing and merchandising, market activation, retail sales, digital activation and sales consultancy.

Contact: 0722 509 221.


8. Centrestage Marketing Agency

The agency offers the best experiential solutions that deliver cost-effectiveness and excellence that create client satisfaction and confidence. They specialise in experiential promotions, roadshows, product launches , on the go promotion and event planning.

Contact: 0710 344 088.

9. Exp Kenya

Exp Kenya is Africa’s largest and leading experiential marketing agency, focusing on brand activation and event management. They deliver the best services when it comes to brand activation.

Contact: 0722 204 649.


10. 360 Experience Agency Africa

It is an award-winning agency that offers experiential marketing services that include retail activations, merchandising programs, roadshows, direct sales, mall activations, hospital activations and many more.

Contact: 0714 889 555.


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