List Of Best Camping Sites In Kenya

This is a list of the best camping sites in Kenya. Kenya is endowed with several scenic and idyllic locations that offer perfect opportunities for camping, with a majority of the spots located in well-preserved locations ideal for those looking for adventure in a tranquil environment away from the crowds.

In no particular order, here is a list of best camping sites in Kenya.

1. Camp Carnelley’s

Camp Carnelleys is a tranquil and clean campsite with beautiful bushy grounds located on Lake Naivasha. It is one of the best camping destinations in Kenya where you can enjoy a range of activities such as bird watching, rock climbing, fishing, walking safaris, mountain climbing and cycling safaris.

Contacts: 0722 260 749, 0715 209 931.


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2. Rapids Camp Sagana

Rapids Camp is a perfect place for budget camping, relaxing and spending time communing with nature in Sagana. The landscaping is ideal for pitching tents and is well facilitated with moveable barbeque grills. The camp offers a range of activities such as bird watching, team building, honeymoon safaris, moonlight walks, hiking and river trekking.

Contacts: 0722 308 026, 0732 308 026.


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3. Malewa Bush Ventures

Their campsites are beautiful and spacious on the banks of the Malewa River nestled under acacia trees. They have hot showers, toilets and a range of tents for hire, from small 2 man dome tents to larger dome tents and luxury safari tents.

Location: Naivasha.

Contact: 0721 941 494.


4. Jangwani Camp Sagana

They offer an extraordinary camping experience in a serene environment, with comfortable tents laid on a lush green bed of grass. They offer bedding and one can self-cater or use in-house chefs. Camping rates are as from Kshs 1,000 to Kshs 3,500. The camp offers a range of activities such as swimming, simple rafting, main rafting, fishing, kayaking, archery and mountain biking.

Contact: 0796 261 950.

5. Thomson Falls Camp

The camp is located at the world’s famous Thomson Falls in Nyahururu. It sits on a 10-acre lawn that is shaded with African olives, cedar trees and other exotic trees which makes it the perfect place for family and friends camping, conferencing, picnics, weddings, vacations and leisure travellers.

Contact: 0716 108 833.


6. Wildebeest Eco Camp

It is an oasis in Nairobi and the perfect place to relax during your African migration. It offers an ideal environment for families, with acres of space for children to explore, peaceful tropical gardens which are home to different varieties of plants and birds.

Location: Mokoyeti Road, Langata.

Contacts: 0728 565 010, 0734 770 733.

7. Naiburta Campsite

Naiburta is a public campsite located on the northern end of Hells Gate National Park. It is managed by the Kenya Wildlife Service. Camp facilities include; fireplaces, benches, bathrooms, water, toilets and shelters.

Contact: 0770 070 405.

8. Oloiden Campsite

It is widely renowned as one of the finest sites in the Great Rift Valley, offering high-quality pitches with a wide range of facilities to make your camping experience one to remember. Amenities include; bonfire free for campers, a grill for hire, hot showers and clean flushing toilets, free parking, a restaurant and a bar with outdoor verandah.

Contact: 0708 798 075.

9. Talek Bush Camp

The camp is situated on the eastern edge of the Maasai Mara Reserve within the Talek River. They offer an authentic camping site that is fully serviced in terms of provision of bathrooms that have hot water and a common lounge available for use by all clients.

Contact: 0741 219 994.



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