List Of Best Car Alarm Installation Companies In Kenya

This is a list of the best car alarm installation companies in Kenya. Car alarms are important security products that car owners need to install in their vehicles. They keep off intruders from stealing the vehicle and its parts or contents.

In no particular order, here is a list of the best car alarm installation companies in Kenya.

1. Naj Tracking & Accessories

Naj Tracking offers affordable car alarm installation services. The company offers a full range of car alarm systems and anti-theft devices, from basic car alarms to the most advanced car alarms. They have branches in Nairobi, Mombasa, Malindi, Nakuru and Malaba.

Contacts: 0703 453 022, 0722 921 535, 0729 011 181.

2. iTrace Africa

iTrace Africa stocks, installs and sells a range of alarm systems that have been approved and acknowledged by insurance providers in the country.

Contacts: 0704 777 100, 0722 100 506.


3. Keen Track Enterprises

The company offers professional installation of automotive security products such as car alarm systems, car tracking systems and fleet management systems. It provides the best car alarm systems that will detect, deter and defeat any malicious activity.

Contact: 0727 978 876.


4. Livetrac

Livetrac specialises in car security in Kenya. This includes alarm systems that are customised to fit all world-class top brands of vehicles. They install basic alarm systems, advanced alarm systems and cut-off alarm systems.

Contacts: 0722 313 215, 0733 313 215.


5. Interdiesel Works Ltd 

The company installs highly effective car security alarms in Kenya. The alarm systems are customised to provide security to world-class brands of vehicles.

Contact: 0701 002 233.


6. Autolox Services

They offer quick and affordable car alarm systems and sensors installation services in Nairobi.

Contact: 0727 884 473.

7. CTrack

CTrack is a renowned company that installs car alarms from the basic affordable car alarms to the most sophisticated high end alarms.

Contacts: 0728 777 333, 0111 145 145.

8. Biosys Systems Solution

The company stocks, sells and installs a range of alarm systems that have been approved and acknowledged by all insurance providers in Kenya.

Contact: 0733 516 965.


9. Dynamex Technologies Ltd

Dynamex Technologies is your trusted partner when shopping for advanced, reliable and affordable car alarm systems. The company does installation anywhere in the country.

Contacts: 0727 126 554, 0702 709 966.

10. Pinnacle Systems Ltd

Pinnacle Systems is an award-winning company that specialises in the installation of car alarms in an attempt to discourage theft of a vehicle itself, its contents or both. Their services are outstanding and affordable to all.

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