List Of Best Car Hire Companies In Kisumu

This is a list of the best car hire companies in Kisumu. Kisumu is a bustling port city and the third largest city in Kenya. It is a regional economic and transport hub with a vibrant community of entrepreneurs.

One of the notable businesses that young entrepreneurs within the city are doing is the car hire/car rental business which is quite lucrative, thanks to Kisumu’s status as a regional economic and transport hub.

If you are in the lakeside city and looking for the best car hire service providers, look no further.

In no particular order, here is a list of the best car hire companies in Kisumu.

1. Lala Cabs

Lala Cabs is a car rental company that was established in 2017. The company has a fleet of well-serviced vehicles that serve both individual and corporate clients.

Location: West End Shopping Mall, Achieng Oneko Road.

Contact: 0758 583 935.

2. Joyride Car Hire

Joyride Car Hire is a reputable company offering affordable car hire services with a fleet of well-maintained vehicles that you can rely on.

Location: Alpha House, Oginga Odinga Road.

Contact: 0720 034 272.

3. Diegoh Safaris

Diegoh Safaris is a leading mobility service provider in Kisumu. The company rents multi-purpose vehicles depending on the needs of customers.

Location: Mega Plaza.

Contact: 0724 332 081/0780 239 493.

4. Cedrick Travels

Cedrick Travels is a renowned car rental company that was founded in 2017. It offers the best prices for all categories of vehicles depending on a client’s needs.

Location: Nyalenda, Railways Gate 1.

Contact: 0707 240 475.

5. Traveller Spot

Traveller Spot is a taxi, car rental and vehicle management company. It has a wide range of cars available for personal and corporate needs.

Location: Kisumu International Airport.

Contacts: 0720 330 599/0731 512 104.

6. Belian Travels

Belian Travels is a great and reliable car hire company that offers unmatched deals on car rentals, whether for holiday, local errands, airport transfers or corporate needs.

Location: Along Bank Street.

Contacts: 0725 084 836/0795 518 989.

7. Cranes Tours & Travels

Cranes Tours and Travels was founded on the platform of providing professionally managed transport and logistics services. It offers services in car hire, air ticketing, airport transfers and general transportation of goods.

Location: Oginga Odinga Street.

Contact: 0722 643 917/ 0716 000 346.

8. The Big Ben Luxury Tours & Travels 

The company offers car hire and taxi services, with a fleet of saloon cars, SUVs and high-end vehicles available in self-drive or chauffeur.

Contact: 0703 956 503.

9. Bamm Tours

Bamm Tours offers the widest car hire options. You can hire any vehicle for personal use, airport transfers or executive transfers.

Contacts: 0743 142 615/ 0712 004 003/ 0754 004 003.

10. Rolc Investment

Rolc Investment provides ground transport to both corporate and individual clients. The company has a fleet of well-serviced saloon cars, mid-range SUV, full-size SUVs and luxurious high-range SUVs.

Location: Sifa House, Off Kisumu-Kakamega Road.

Contacts: 0732 855 034/ 0777 855 033

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