List Of Best Conference Venues In Embu

This is a list of the best conference venues in Embu County. The county has quite a number of state of the art conference venues customised to meet the needs of all clients.

In no particular order, here is a list of the best conference venues in Embu County.

1. Nokras Silver Oak

With spacious and well-appointed conference and guest rooms, friendly and attentive staff and a prime location, Nokras Silver Oak is the perfect conferencing venue in Embu Town.

Contact: 0715 481 290.

2. Izaak Walton Inn

Izaak Walton Inn offers the perfect venue for groups looking for that extra experience for conferencing, top board meetings or planning a lavish employee incentive in Embu Town.

Contacts: 0712 781 810/ 0712 278 851.

3. Mountain Breeze Hotel

Mountain Breeze Hotel is a 3-star hotel set up in an idyllic countryside location, with great conference and accommodation facilities for you and your team.

Location: Gakwegori, 7min Drive from Embu Town.

Contact: 0705 509 075.

4. Oriental Palace

For large scale events and conferences, Oriental Palace has the perfect space for you in a serene environment thereby guaranteeing you the utmost privacy for your meeting.

Location: Along Embu- Nairobi Highway.

Contact: 0718 844 661.

5. Sixems Retreat Centre

Sixems Retreat Centre is an ideal location for holding large and small conferences, events, solo prayers and recreational activities.

Location: Mugoya, Embu-Karurina Road.

Contact: 0720 394 458.

6. Gemco Lodge

With professionalism and keenness to detail, Gemco Lodge has an excellent facility and space for large and small conferences, gatherings and outdoor events.

Contact: 0707 555 372.

7. Hotel La Palachio

Hotel La Palachio is an excellent conferencing venue with well-trained professional staff who are ready to serve you with courtesy, warmth and utmost professionalism.

Location: Mama Ngina Street, Embu Town.

Contact: 0740 832 089.

8. Esstana Hotel

Esstana Hotel is a modern hotel that provides a conducive environment for conferences, board meetings, outings, parties and a host of other treats for yourself.

Location: Along Piai- Murinduko Road.

Contacts: 0707 937 736/ 0786 242 544.

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