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List Of Best Conference Venues In Kakamega

This is a list of the best conference venues in Kakamega. The town is located in Western Kenya, about 30km north of the equator. It has several top-rated establishments ideal for holding conferences, workshops, seminars and other events.

In no particular order, here is a list of the best conference venues in Kakamega.

1. Golf Hotel Kakamega

Golf Hotel is one of the best hotels in Kakamega. It is the ideal place to host conferences or events with a variety of rooms to suit all your needs. It boasts of 5 meeting rooms. The largest room has a capacity of 400 while the smallest has a capacity of 10.

Location: Khasakhala Road

Contact: 0728 833 974.

2. Bishop Stam Pastoral Centre

The centre sits in a serene and quiet environment on the outskirts of Kakamega. It is an ideal place for holding conferences, workshops, seminars and all types of meetings.

Location: Along Kakamega- Webuye Road.

Contact: 0713 978 192.

3. Logmma Hotel

Logmma Hotel is an affordable hotel with spacious conference and event facilities that will suit your needs with affordable packages. It has 3 conference halls with a capacity ranging from 15-100 pax. All the halls have wireless internet, an inbuilt sound system and an LCD projector.

Location: Along Kakamega- Mumias Road.

Contacts: 0796 112 563/ 0796 112 564.

4. Lantana Comfy

Lantana Comfy is situated on the leafy outskirts of Kakamega. It offers excellent meeting & banquet facilities and state-of-the-art accommodation facilities.

Location: Off Kakamega- Mumias Road.

Contact: 0721 359 511.

5. Place Caravan Hotel

Place Caravan Hotel is a perfect place for your meeting and conferencing needs. The hotel ensures that you have the most blissful experience you can ever expect.

Location: About 4km from Muliro Gardens.

Contact: 0797 732 943.

6. Khwisero Annex Resort

Khwisero Annex Resort is located in the heart of the village but with a modern taste. It offers conference and meeting facilities at affordable costs.

Contact: 0740 487 533.

7. Nayu Hotel

Nayu Hotel is located right within the CBD, opposite Muliro Gardens. It is a great venue for holding meetings, conferences and savouring the local dishes offered.

Contact: 0704 483 800.

8. Baaz Hotel

Baaz Hotel is a renowned hotel that offers excellent conference facilities, accommodation in spacious rooms and finger-licking meals prepared by professionals.

Location: Maraba Market.

Contact: 0722 140 350.

9. Malava Forest Lodge

Malava Forest Lodge is a leading hospitality provider offering luxury accommodations, fully equipped conference facilities and comfortable dining.

Location: Along Kakamega- Webuye Highway.

Contact: 0708 421 414.

10. Rondo Retreat Centre

Rondo Retreat Centre is one of the best retreat centres in Kakamega. It is set in Kenya’s only rainforest, Kakamega Forest. It is an ideal place for conferencing and accommodation for those looking for a tranquil atmosphere.

Contacts: 0705 488 518/ 0733 299 149.

11.Sheywe Hotel Kakamega

Perfect venue if you are looking for an executive quiet location to hold conferences, board meetings, or even seminars.

Location: Kefinco Road, Kakamega – Webuye Road

Contact: 0703 624620

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