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List Of Best Conference Venues In Siaya

This is a list of the best conference venues in Siaya County. The county has quite a number of modern establishments that provide convenient facilities for conferences and events.

In no particular order, here is a list of the best conference venues in Siaya.

1. Siaya Summit Hotel

Siaya Summit Hotel has an air of timeliness where elegance and tradition create a haven of calm away from the hustle and bustle of town activities. It prides itself on having modern conference facilities ideal for both small and large conferences.

Location: Off Siaya- Awelo Road.

Contact: 0722 550 552.

2. The Villa International Palace

The Villa International Palace is an executive place with high-class conference venues and a state-of-the-art lounge.

Location: Madeya Centre.

Contact: 0705 799 133.

3. Distinction Gardens Hotel

Distinction Gardens Hotel boasts a range of conference facilities that conveniently cater to the needs of all guests. It is a fantastic hotel with modern conference facilities.

Location: Siaya Town.

Contact: 0725 111 888.

4. Siaya County Club

Siaya County Club is ambient for all your meetings and conferencing needs. It provides world-class conference facilities at the best rates.

Location: Along Siaya- Rangala Road.

Contact: 0717 202 872.

5. Namsagali Gardens & Conference Centre

The centre is located in a serene area that provides a conducive environment for holding conferences, workshops, seminars, training and private events.

Location: Siaya- Kobare.

Contact: 0733 483 977.

6. Dhe Jomels Hotel

Dhe Jomels Hotel is a highly rated hotel that offers modern conference facilities at the best rates without compromising the standard and quality of goods and services.

Location: Rabanga Road, Next to CDF Office, Siaya Town.

Contact: 0101 593 442.

7. Bondo Pride Hotel

Bondo Pride Hotel is a remarkable 3-star hotel that offers the best facilities for seminars, conferences, receptions, pool parties and weddings that can be set up based on your requirements.

Location: Off Bondo Town, Along Usenge Road.

Contacts: 0795 945 505/ 0722 842 063.

8. May Hotel Bondo

May Hotel offers two conference halls, one that can hold 40-50 people and the other 80-100 people. The halls are well furnished with modern equipment to ensure you have the best experience.

Location: Milimani, Bondo Town.

Contacts: 0717 896 225/ 0751 345 775.

9. The Don Annex Hotel

The Don Annex Hotel is a new and modern hotel that offers state-of-the-art conference facilities and luxury accommodations at fair rates.

Location: Bondo Town.

Contact: 0702 419 949.

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