List Of Best Curtains and Window Blinds Suppliers In Kenya

This is a list of the best curtains and window blinds suppliers in Kenya. The list focuses on reputable suppliers of premium quality curtains and a wide range of window blinds.

Here is a list of the best curtains and window blinds suppliers in Kenya.

1. Curtains Kenya

Curtains Kenya supplies premium quality curtains in Kenya. This includes heavy linen and silk curtains. It does same-day delivery in Nairobi and about 2-3 days outside Nairobi.

Contact: 0703 406 843.


2. Window Plus (EA) Ltd

Window Plus is proud to be a supplier of a wide variety of window blinds in Kenya and East Africa. It offers an amazing selection of window blinds solutions. This includes vertical blinds, roller blinds, wood blinds and sheer rollers.

Contact: 0724 255 405, 0736 255 405.

3. House Of Linen

House of Linen is a top brand dealing with high-quality curtains and upholstery fabrics. They offer free curtain installation services.

Contact: 0775 551 999, 0702 045 513.

4. Palacina Interiors

Palacina Interiors has a design centre that offers a bespoke collection of coordinating curtain fabrics, nails, rods and cushions.

Contact: 0729 123 456.

5. Vitendi Ltd

Vitendi offers a huge range of window blinds, motorised blinds, curtains, shading and curtains tracks.

Contact: 0727 288 226, 020 257 3235.


6. Curtains & Carpet Centre

It is one of the leading suppliers of quality custom made home improvement curtains and interior decorations in residential and commercial areas.

Contact: 0723 486 626.


7. Ideal Floor Systems Ltd

The company supplies and installs all types of window blinds, from vertical blinds, roller blinds to Venetian blinds, at affordable prices.

Contact: 0704 424 806, 0725 862 567.


8. Dong Fang Curtains

Dong Fang is the best pick if you are looking for quality curtains, rods, blinds and accessories. It offers the best pricing and provides quality products.

Contact: 0735 701 507.

9. Kalus Top Curtains & Office Blinds

Kalus sells all types of curtains, furniture and all types of home appliances.

Contact: 0708 888 820.

10. Office Blinds & Curtains Kenya

They supply and install superior window blinds, window films and curtains throughout Kenya.

Contact: 0722 395 624, 0714 957 714.

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