List Of Best Cyber Cafes In Nairobi

This is a list of the best cybercafes in Nairobi. Cyber cafe business is a very profitable business venture that has provided employment opportunities to many youths in Kenya.

To reap big from the business, ensure that your cyber is located in a strategic location with a good flow of clients and offer an extensive range of services such as binding, lamination, typesetting, printing, passport application, tax filing, photocopy and many more.

In no particular order, here is a list of the best cyber cafes in Nairobi

1. Star Cyber Cafe

Star Cyber is one of the best cyber cafes in Nairobi, offering services such as scanning, photocopy, printing, lamination, binding and designing.

Location: KTDA Plaza, Tom Mboya Street.

2. SpinAustin Robotic Cyber Cafe

The cyber cafe offers services such as photocopy, printing, scanning, lamination, binding, digital photo printing, KRA services, typesetting and many more.

Location: Shop No 7, Mini Mall, Off Mbaazi Avenue.

Contacts: 0750 754 121, 0720 754 121.

3. Calls Mall Cyber Cafe

It is one the best cyber cafes in Nairobi offering an extensive range of computer/ internet browsing services at affordable rates.

Location: Next to Nyaku House, Argwings Kodhek Road, Kilimani.

Contact: 0722 602 395.

4. Loungenet Late Night Cyber

Loungenet is known for offering fast internet services, KRA services, VISA application, e-citizen services, NTSA services services and typesetting.

Location: Kimathi Street, Norwich Union, 5th Floor.

Contacts: 0724 777 705, 0710 733 440.

5. Parklands On-lyn Cyber Cafe

The cyber cafe offers an extensive range of fast and affordable computer and internet browsing services in Nairobi.

Location: Gala Ln, Nairobi

Contact: 0723 626 086.

6. Kliq Cyber Cafe

Kliq Cyber Cafe is the best pick for computer services, photocopy, typing, printing, scanning, lamination, binding, passport application, KRA PIN, business application and colour printing.

Location: Juja Road.

Contact: 0721 888 937.

7. Tabasamu Cyber Cafe

The cyber cafe offers NTSA services, photocopying, printing, lamination, binding, KRA services, passport application and photography.

Location: Mugoya Shopping Centre, Muhoho Avenue, South C.

Contact: 0719 535 004.

8. Quick Speed Cyber Cafe

Quick Speed is a fast internet cafe located in a serene location suitable for performing your tasks without any form of disturbance.

Location: Embakasi, Tassia Kwandege.

Contacts: 0731 839 852, 0729 228 032.

9. Torrents Cybercafe

It is a modern cyber cafe in the CBD, with state of the art equipment connected via fiber optic to high speed internet.

Location: 1st Floor, Interfine House, Tom Mboya Street.

Contact: 0721 906 926.

10. The Bazaar Cyber Cafe

The Bazaar Cyber Cafe is located in a quiet environment within the CBD. It offers services such as lamination, binding, photocopying, printing, graphic design, passport application and other services.

Location: The Bazaar, Moi Avenue, Floor MI, Suite 6, Shop 4.

Contact: 0711 875 699.

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