List Of Best Cybersecurity Firms In Kenya

This is a list of best cybersecurity firms in Kenya. Cybersecurity involves protecting networks, computer systems, software, data, programs, and servers from malicious attacks, damage, or unauthorized access. There are several firms in Kenya that offer competent cybersecurity solutions to various agencies and organizations.

Here is a list of some of the best cybersecurity firms in Kenya.

1. Techinnovar Limited

Techinnovar is a renowned cybersecurity company located in Nairobi. It provides information security solutions, IT consultancy, web development, and mobile app development services to the government, corporates, SME, and private sectors.

Contacts: +254 771 599 172


2. Cyber Security Africa

It is a full-service company offering information security consulting services, web application penetration testing, penetration testing, and fraud investigation services.

Contacts: +254 722 102 854


3. Inceptor Kenya

Inceptor Kenya offers a wide range of tech solutions such as cybersecurity, web web design & development, software development, mobile app development, payment integration, graphic design, and digital marketing.

Contacts: +254 728 456 781


4. Serianu Limited

It is an award-winning Pan African based cybersecurity and business consulting firm that provides an environment for businesses and organizations to extract value from their information assets.

Contact: +254 718 181 800

5. Protec 

Protec is a Kenyan based firm that offers specialized services in areas such as cybersecurity, blockchain services, IT risk management, information systems audit, penetration testing, data security, network security, incident response, and cyber forensics.

Contacts: +254 20 2722485

6. Enovise

It is a well-recognized cybersecurity company that provides cutting edge cybersecurity technologies and solutions to government agencies, financial institutions, and other organizations, primarily to protect their network infrastructure against cyber threats or attacks.

Contacts: +254 714 370 253, +254 727 950 013


7. Central Information Systems International (CISI Kenya)

CISI provides IT related solutions and services such as network security, information security, server network support, Business process outsourcing, and web hosting services.

Contacts: +254 752 049 212

8. Crescentech 

Location: West 1 Building, 4th floor, Parklands Road, Nairobi

Contacts: +254 20 4440 719/9378


9. Sekura International Limited

The company was established in 2010 to offer custom made, multi-layered security solutions and advisory services such as cybersecurity, alarm & emergency response,  risk management and specialized guarding.

Contacts: +254 729 900 100


10. Crystal Technologies Limited

The company is a leading ICT and software provider located in Nairobi. It offers complete end to end solutions such as cybersecurity, web solutions, unified communications, software solutions, networking, and infrastructure.


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