List Of Best Defensive Driving Schools In Kenya

This is a list of the best defensive driving schools in Kenya. Defensive driving is an advanced driving technique that gives drivers advanced lifelong skills to perfect their art on the roads and be able to prevent potential hazards or risks such as accidents.

In no particular order, here is a list of the best defensive driving schools in Kenya

1. AA Kenya

AA Kenya offers the most effective driving improvement and transport management courses designed to ensure safe driving and reduce motor vehicle running costs. It offers an intermediate defensive driving course, an intermediate defensive driving course with a practical module and intensive defensive driving courses across its branches in the country.

Contacts: 0709 933 999/ 0709 933 000.

AA Kenya Defensive Driving Fees Structure

Course Fees
Intermediate Defensive Driving Course; with driving practical

Period: 2 days

Ksh 22,000
Intermediate Defensive Driving Course; with basic mechanics and driving practical

Period: 3 days


Ksh 29,150


Defensive Riders Course; Motorcycle competence

Period: 2 days

Ksh 15,000
Intensive Defensive Driving Course; with first aid, fire control, care attention, and customer care

Period: 5 days

Ksh 44,000

2. Rocky Driving School

It is one of the leading driving schools in the country that was established in the early 90s. The school has a network of  25 branches across Kenya with its head office located along Factory Street in Nairobi’s Industrial Area. They offer a defensive driving course at Ksh 10,000.

Contacts: 0702 55 22 22, 0700 66 77 77

3. Sensei Driving School

Sensei Driving School is a leading defensive driving school that offers basic and advanced defensive training courses at its two campuses in Nairobi and Nakuru. The courses take a duration of 2 days & 5 days, at a fee of Kshs 7,000 and Kshs 10,000 respectively.

Contacts: 0729 891 301/ 0717 951 055.

4. Defensive Driving School Of East Africa

The school is a premier defensive driving and road transport safety training service provider in Africa, setting the highest standards in road safety training. The school’s trainers are available from a pool of professionals.

Location: Utawala, Along Eastern Bypass, Opposite AP/GSU Training Camp.

Contact: 0720 488 381.

5. Diamond Defensive Driving Academy

Diamond Defensive Driving Academy has integrated itself into the market to provide high quality, comprehensive professional heavy and other driver training courses. It provides professional training that aims to give you the confidence to drive safely on the road.

Location: Skygo House, 1st Floor, Mombasa Road, Mlolongo.

Contacts: 0721 548 235/ 0728 405 136.

6. Glen Edmunds Advanced Driving School

Glen Edmunds is the only company in Africa that provides internationally accredited advanced driving courses such as defensive driving for both light and heavy vehicles. It provides a 2-day advanced defensive driving course designed with road safety as the key benefit.

Location: Kitengela Road, Glass Oasis Lane, Ongata Rongai.

Contact: 0725 635 687.

7. Holiday Defensive Driving School

Holiday Defensive Driving School is one of the leading defensive driving schools in Kenya and has been in the forefront to bringing revolution in drivers’ education and training. The school offers defensive driving training courses from as low as Kshs 3,000. It has various branches within Nairobi and its environs.

Contacts: 0701 666 333/ 0712 315 151.

8. Digital Driving School

Digital Driving School is the leading driving institution that centres its training on defensive driving, road safety, first aid and professional driving training tailor-made for everyone and anyone at a very affordable price. The school has various branches across the country.

Contact: 0792 471 511.

9. Seniors Driving School

Seniors Driving School has branches in Nairobi, Kiambu, Machakos and Kajiado. It provides reputable and professional driving services that aim to give you the confidence to pass your test and drive safely on the roads.

Contact: 0799 514 635.

10. Petanns Driving School

Petanns Driving School is a reputable driving school located at the heart of Nairobi with numerous branches outside the city. The school is your expert partner in defensive driving with a huge fleet of over 300 modern vehicles across all categories to provide the best quality training.

Contacts: 0700 050 504/ 0721 328 383.

11. Advanced Driving Academy

Advanced Driving Academy offers defensive training courses delivered through its accredited affiliate, Royal Oilfield Logistics Services & Supplies Ltd. The training courses will upskill your driving skills and help them to stay safe on the roads.

Location: Commodore Office Suites, Kindaruma Road, Kilimani.

Contacts: 0726 478 508/ 0726 478 426.

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